Top 7 Plastic Surgeons in Dubai by Search Volume

01 February 2018


When it comes to plastic surgery, there are various specialties that cater to specific individual needs. Some plastic surgeons choose to focus more on the aesthetics or cosmetic side of surgery to enhance your existing bodily, and facial features. Cosmetic surgeons will use a variety of enhancement, contouring, and rejuvenation procedures to treat areas of our face and body. Other plastic surgeons choose to focus more on repairing and reconstructing dysfunctional or defected areas of our body, and face caused by traumas, burns, and diseases. 

Below are the 7 plastic surgeons we have compiled based on search volume on DrFive to guide readers in their search for good plastic surgery in Dubai.


1. Dr. Jamil Al-Jamali - Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Dubai

Dr Jamil Al-Jamali is a German and European board certified plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive and hand surgeon with more than 17 years experience. He received eight years of plastic and reconstructive surgery training from the renowned Freiburg University Medical Center in Germany before moving to the UAE in 2013. He is well known for his ethical and honest approach to aesthetic surgery "putting patients needs and interests first". Many reviewers also praised him for his humanitarian works providing free plastic surgeries for those in need but cannot afford.

2. Dr. Hasan Ali - Hasan Surgery, Dubai

Dr. Hasan Ali is a plastic surgeon specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries. The founder of his own clinic has developed fame with VASER Liposuction procedures - an advanced body contouring procedure - and performed over 4,000 cosmetic surgery procudures on both women and men. We could come across many reviewers who are happy with the results - even 9 years after the surgery.

3. Dr. Sanjay Saraf - NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai

Do you know any doctor who decides to perform an emergency surgery and delaying their vacation? Dr. Sanjay is that type of an unselfish surgeon. Reviewers testify that he has performed surgery "cancelling his leave" and "coming back from Abu Dhabi during holidays". The European Board certified plastic surgeon is also a fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, American College of Surgeons and International College of Surgeons, who wrote two book chapters and has over 36 publications in peer reviewed journals.

4. Dr. Tunio Zulfigar - Tunio Aesthetics, Dubai

Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio, FRCS, is one of the topmost surgeons, specialized in cosmetic, plastic and hair restorative surgery. He has been performing hair transplant surgeries for over a decade and carried out more than 16,000 successful hair transplants. One review well summarises Dr Zulfigar: "he really is the best, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, honest."

5. Dr. Buthainah Al Shunnar - Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery, Dubai

Dr. Buthainah Al Shunnar is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery, body contouring, aesthetic facial surgery, hand surgery, cancer reconstruction and microsurgery. Her academic background encompasses Royal College of Surgeons, Johns Hopkins Hospital and George Washington University. Her patients describe her as being "the nicest, most humble, most amazing doctor."

6. Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy - American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hopsital, Dubai

Dr. Mohan is well known for his skilled hands and keen eye for detail in his aesthetic work. We could find happy reviewers after breast surgery, liposuction and fat grafting with him, respectively. He has 25 years of surgical experience and a member of American, International, Swiss and Indian professional bodies.

7. Matteo Vigo - SKIN III, Dubai

Dr. Vigo is an italian board certified plastic surgeon with a specialty degree on breast reconstruction. He has been the main trainer for all Europe and the Middle East for Celution (Liposuction device) and Pure Graft systems (fat grafting system) by Cytori, lecturing in different important congresses around the world. His patients call him "without a doubt, one of the top plastic surgeons based in Dubai"

Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews that this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise. 



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