Top 5 Pediatricians in Dubai by reviews in 2017

03 January 2018


When families first move to, or give birth in Dubai, finding a qualified pediatrician to care for their children is very important. Families need a good pediatrician to address chicken pox, vaccinations, ear infections, fevers, injuries and other common maladies of childhood. Besides the medical knowledge and expertise, parents are also interested to know more about how caring, open, and trusting the pediatrican is going to be with their children.  Having a good relationship with a pediatrician early on, could carry over to many years of healthy living, and medical experiences later on in life. As we close out 2017, DrFive has analysed our patient reviews and compiled a short list of top pediatricians one could comfortably depend on in Dubai. 

1. Dr. Samitha Rajkumar, Unicare Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Rajkumar is one of the leading, and longest serving private pediatricians in Dubai. She has a special interest in childhood allergies and asthma, actively involved in promoting awareness about allergic disorders, and contributes articles regularly to various publications. Families that have consulted with Dr. Rajkumar recommend her: "seeing Dr Samitha for the last 12 years. She is the best pediatrician", "Highly satisfied", and "She is best paediatric I have met in Dubai".

2. Dr. Talal Farha, Somerset Clinic, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Farha is a highly qualified specialist pediatrician consulting with families, and leading children towards a healthier way of life. He has started his now-famous Somerset Clinic in Dubai, and provides his expertise in pediatric cardiology. Parents confide in Dr. Farha's abilities: "excellent Doctor who has an amazing way with children", "Dr Talal is the best and I see him for all my three angels", and "by far the best children's clinic I have seen in Dubai".


3. Dr. Keith Nicholl, Keith Nicholl Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE.  Out of a total number of 30 years of experience in pediatrics, Dr. Nicholl has dedicated 23 years of them here in Dubai caring for children and their medical needs. He has also taught pediatrics at prestigious universities in Scotland, and serves as an active member of the editorial board of the medical journal 'Middle East Paediatrics'. Patients in Dubai with Dr. Nicholl trust his work: "always available on the telephone which is great", "The best pediatrician in town. Known him for 16 years", and "our kids are really happy to see him".

4. Dr. Javed Mansoor, Medicure Polyclinic, Al Mankhool, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Mansoor is a highly sought after physician that helps parents address children's health issues, and has numerous years of experience addressing child respiratory issues. Parents have been very satisfied with Dr. Mansoor's results: "he is one dr i can trust with my eyes closed", "best doctor devoted absolutely for children's cough and respiratory issues", and "He was very understanding and genuinely caring towards my daughter's health".

5. Dr.  Rain Osman, La Familia Medical Center, Dubai UAE. Dr. Osman is a German Board Certified Pediatrician and is a specialist in child and adolescent medicine. She is highly experienced and very capable in various neonatal, pediatric gastroenterology, and prevention and detection of developmental and health disorders. Children as well as parents enjoy the care they recieve from Dr. Osman: "my kids love her", "Amazing doctor, worked from her heart", "She was a confident doctor giving some level of trust to patient and parents alike".

Honorable mention goes to the following pediatricians in Dubai you may not want to miss:

  1. Dr. Shahzad Khan– Cooper Health Clinic, Motor City, Dubai, UAE. Patient's feedback on Dr. Khan: "He really knows his stuff", and "wonderful and really takes the time to get to know your baby".
  2. Dr. Marwa Mohammad Ahmad Abdelfattah - Brightpoint Royal Womens Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Patients praise Dr. Abdelfattah as: "very professional doctor , will always recommend her", and "Best pediatrician in Abu Dhabi, simply we love her".
  3. Dr. Sandeep Panikkasseri - Aster Clinic, Muhaisanah, Dubai, UAE.  Patients confident in Dr. Panikkasseri's work reccommend him: "excellent and very approachable", and "very good and friendly".
  4. Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal - Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, UAE. Patients familiar with Dr. Micheal are happy: "Very professional very helpful the best in dubai" and "amazing Doctor".
  5. Dr. Sadeq Yaqoub - Medcare Woman and Child Hospital, Dubai, UAE. Satisfied patients of Dr. Yaqoub praise him: "The best doctor i met , he understands the fears of parents and try to explains everythings" and "professionalism, High efficiency in dealing with children".
  6.  Dr. Mahboob Ali Asghar Ali Gaihlot - NMC Medical Center, Deira, Dubai UAE. Patients frequenting Dr. Gaihlot recommend him: "He has examined all my kids since birth and I have never experienced any problem in these years", and "Dr. Ali is a very good pediatrician".

Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews that this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise.





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