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Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal

PhD (Jordan), Arab Board (Syria)


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Consultant Pediatrician, Pediatricians | Pediatrics

English, Arabic, Russian

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  • Reviewed in 12 Feb 2018 Best about La Familia Medical Center: I have an excellent experience with Dr. anwar in la familia clinic.. My son used to suffer from a severe constipation since Nov., 2015 . He was one year and a half only, and we saw sooooo many doctors in Dubai and in Jordan, some of them said that he should get Duphlac and one asked for medicine from USA and we were looking for anyone coming or going from there just to get the cure thinking that this will solve our issue some gave us movicol and nothing worked with him he stayed more than 1 year like this and we lost hope.One day we were visiting dr. Anwar because my son was sick he had a cough and flu and we told him that Ra’ed has constipation and no one could solve the problem so he asked us to stop the cow products for a time may be this will help. After 4 days it was like magic my son started to make stool every 2 days with a help of duphlac .. and now we stopped the Duphlac and he makes stool everyday. It took us more than a year to find out that the problem was the cow products See translation
  • Reviewed in 20 Jan 2018 Best doctor in the UAE! He never let us feel uneasy and was always there to help us even at late times of the night. He is a wonderful doctor and my son asks to see him everytime he is sick! See translation
  • Reviewed in 19 Jan 2018 The best doctor in Dubai!!!!! We have been known him for 3 years. His work like his life for him... very friendly with small patients and with them parents, as well. My children like him very much. See translation
  • Reviewed in 13 Jan 2018 I went in to his clinic with my 10 days old baby who was born at al zahra hospital, for a check up as recommended by the doctor after delivery. Dr anwar was sitting behind his desk, typing on his phone, he didn’t look up or apologize, he just continued what he was doing and then he finished and looked up at us, again he didn’t say anything about the phone thing. I told him why we were here and that my baby was born at the hospital (aka they had all the information in his chart) and he kept asking me questions about what tests were done and why i am here, he quickly checked the baby (it took him one or two minutes macimum) and then he said nothing that made me feel comfortable or at ease, and even worse, he told me that since i am breastfeeding i shouldn’t be consuming dairy products otherwise my baby will be irritated and have gas. See translation
  • Reviewed in 06 Jan 2018 We are more then 10 years with Dr. Anwar, he is very professional and very great human being. Always recommend him to all my friends. See translation

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Profile for Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal

Dr. Anwar Mousa received his Ph.D. in Pediatrics from the Royal Military Medical Services, Jordan. 

He has received his Degree in General Medicine at the Russian Peoples Friendship University in Moscow in 1997. 

He is on the Arab Board, the Jordanian Board, as well as the Palestinian Board for Pediatrics.

He has been working in the UAE since 2005 in well-known clinics and hospitals.


Areas of Expertise:

• General Pediatric Care
• Growth and Development monitoring
• Asthma and allergy management
• Overweight and Obesity
• Baby Clinic and Vaccinations
• Newborn Screening Tests
• Neonatal care for babies of 34 weeks and above.
• Vaccinations and Immunizations
• Neuro development & feeding advice
• Pediatric Cardiology & Endocrinology
• Pediatric malabsorption and failure to thrive

Dr. Anwar speaks, read and writes fluently English, Arabic and Russian, adding more skills and competences to our multinational and multicultural clinic.

Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal's specialty is Pediatrics and currently works as a Consultant Pediatrician.

He speaks English, Arabic, Russian.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal

Dr. Anwar Mousa Micheal is practicing at La Familia Medical Center, Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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