About DrFive

When one of our children got injured at the playground, we needed specialized treatment at a good hospital. Surprisingly, we found minimal information on the Internet regarding the quality of hospitals in the UAE, with some anecdotal comments. We had to resort to word-of-mouth before settling on a nearby hospital for the treatment.

That was the ‘aha moment’ for us. Since there was no such service on the web, why don’t we provide it?

DrFive aspires to be a collaborative hub for hospitals/clinics, where reviews can be shared among people living in their respective communities. We believe it could help people make informed choices for medical treatments and, hopefully, become one of factors driving more transparent and reliable medical services within all communities.


DrFive Rating logic

  • All ratings shown on the website are solely based on surveys collected online
  • All ratings are averaged with equal weighting
  • Rating given to “Overall experience” category is used for “Overall” category rating computation as well as hospital rating shown at the top of each page dedicated for specific hospital description
  • Each rating given to categories such as “Doctor”, “Staff”, “Cost”,”Result” and ”Prescription” is averaged separately to display rating by category
  • Averaged ratings are compared across hospitals/clinics to assign raking accordingly


DrFive Review policy

  • All reviews are published without admin edit unless it contains legally (UAE onine law) inappropriate content based on assessment by admin team
  • Detailed definition of appropriateness is defined in DrFive “Terms of Use” document available on the website