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Finding a good doctor in Dubai turns out to be a very difficult task sometimes. You come across a multitude of advertisements on hospitals and clinics without a balanced view from patients. Even a so called ‘doctor finding’ websites are not helping that much either as, in many cases, they serve as a promotional platform for fee-paying doctors.

DrFive is designed to provide a real-time comparison of doctors in Dubai. Using our automated algorithm we pick and present doctors who are rated higher solely by patient reviews. Those you see on top are doctors recommended by your neighbors among over 13,000 doctors registered to practice in Dubai.

DrFive also aims to provide recommended doctors list tailored to your own needs. On DrFive, you can find doctors organised by subspecialty, location and nationality. Whether you are looking for a ‘recommended filipino gynecologist in Deira’ or a ‘good indian dentist in Bur Dubai’, it is only a few clicks away for you to find them short-listed on our website.

Hope you find our platform helpful. We invite you to participate in growing the community in the form of either writing a review or sharing your favorite doctor’s profile with people you care about. After all, this is Dubai, where diversity shapes miracle. We hope DrFive replicates the spirit of Dubai on digital space.


Top doctors in Dubai by patient reviews

Indraniil Roy

9 reviews

Dr. Indraniil Roy

Dentist - Oral and maxillofacial surgery

  • "doctor Roy Indraniil his very professional everything he explained about procedure and all my questi..."
  • "I Had 3 extractions and 3 implants at the same time. Dr Indraniil Roy and his team were outstanding..."
  • "I had an impacted molar that was surgically extracted by Dr.Indraniil who is extremely professional ..."

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Talal Farha

5 reviews

Dr. Talal Farha


  • "Really nice, bright, spacious clinic, friendly professional staff and above all, brilliant doctor, m..."
  • "Simply the best, we had a near death experience in the hospital and thanks to the skills, experience..."
  • "Farha Children Clinic is by far the best children's clinic I have seen in Dubai, Both Dr Talal and D..."

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Leila Soudah

19 reviews

Dr. Leila Soudah

Gynecology (OBGYN)

  • "We cannot praise Dr. Leila enough as a doctor, a role model for women and kindest soul... She built ..."
  • "I heard about Dr. Leila from a friend of my sister, She is the first doctor I have ever had that con..."
  • "A truly remarkable physician. I don't have enough words to use to describe this woman. She is superw..."

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Rami Hamed

8 reviews

Dr. Rami Hamed

Orthopedic Surgery

  • "Dr Rami, an honest straight to the point doctor, i visited for the first time yesterday because of K..."
  • "Very nice Medical Center with professional doctors. I had problems with the spine,I could not walk.I..."
  • "I Dinesh Kumar feel comfortable after 2 days of operation and the following day i was start walking..."

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Tunio Zulfiqar

5 reviews

Dr. Tunio Zulfiqar

Plastic Surgery - Hair Transplant

  • "I had a great experience with DR. Tunio and his team. They were extremely courteous from the get-go,..."
  • "visited a lot of places in dubai for my hair transplant, then finally did the procedure with Dr. Zul..."
  • "Team is professional and explain in detail on the process and the care that need to be taken post tr..."

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Aniqa Minhaj Khan

9 reviews

Dr. Aniqa Minhaj Khan

General Practice

  • "Dr Aniqa gives proper attention, time and top of that she listens to her patients. She is the best."
  • "She is such a outstanding doctor ......i really prefer to everyone to visit her ....hats off Dr Aniq..."
  • "Dr aniqa is a nice doctor I have know she pays full attention and takes cares of her patients.May Al..."

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Radmila Lukian

9 reviews

Dr. Radmila Lukian


  • "An amazing clinic, injections by Dr Rada are top and hydrafacial a must try! Thank you for lovely st..."
  • "Everytime in Dubai, i pass by to see Dr Radmila and get my skin treatmetns, extremely professional p..."
  • "Very professional clinic. Dr Rada is excellent but all the staff are very experienced and personable..."

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Prashanth Matti Prabhu

3 reviews

Dr. Prashanth Matti Prabhu

General Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

  • "The best ENT Doctor in Town ....."
  • "Very good, Doctor, very friendly. Amazing! "
  • "Dr Prashanth, I have visited ENT Department once in the past without conclusive result. I count m..."

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Gregor Josef Kowal

5 reviews

Dr. Gregor Josef Kowal


  • "Great clinic.. Dr.Kowal is the best psychiatrist in Dubai. Helped me alot and he is very tentative a..."
  • "Dr Kowal is one of the best Psychiatrist that I know .Very knowledgeable, caring and passionate abou..."
  • "I will surely recommend Dr. Gregor Kowal, great doctor with great team. Thank you. - by grace gonzal..."

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Medhat Shalabi

3 reviews

Dr. Medhat Shalabi

Pain Medicine

  • "I thank God for having good doctors just few meters away from home. I thank Doctor Sadir ElRawi & Me..."
  • "Few weeks ago my wife admitted to the hospital for a breast cancer surgery, thus I'd like to thank t..."
  • "good doctor with good effort in ERAS system to help patient thanks DR Medhat"

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Tamer Fathi Amin Salem

23 reviews

Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem


  • "Amazing experience! The whole staff have been very informative and haven't left any question unanswe..."
  • "It is the best decision to go to Spanish center for LASIK. I have done the procedure 3 weeks ago and..."
  • "Thanks to Spanish Center Dubai..my eyes are finally free from soft lenses and eyeglass...after 12 ye..."

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Gerry Nastasia

12 reviews

Dr. Gerry Nastasia


  • "I had been suffering with my knee for almost 10 years. Despite 2 surgeries i still had a limp and p..."
  • "I love going to this clinic. In specific I love the listening - it's a breath of fresh air. If I say..."
  • "I pulled a muscle in my lower back and went to Dr. Gerry. He was amazing! He had a very friendly man..."

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Asad Riad Shamma

3 reviews

Dr. Asad Riad Shamma

Vascular Surgery

  • "My sister had day surgery for varicose in Shamma clinic. Dr Shamma is excellent ! the result is a..."
  • "I did sclerotherapy for my hands veins with Doctor Asad Shamma, the results was amazing . - by Havan..."
  • "Thank you Shamma Medical Center. Dr Asad R. Shamma is a constant innovator - developing new procedur..."

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