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  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha
  • sundip visited in Sep 2017 [men] [surgery] Sundip Chahal Came in for emergency appendix. Hospital had looked after my daughter very well, when she came in for grommet operation. Dr S...[more]adir and team were excellent and I was well looked after and felt in safe hands. slow
  • Munir alkadhi visited in Sep 2017 [women] [surgery] This is a top cancer care center in the Middle East. The head of the Centre, which is located in Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai, Dr. Sadeer Al R...[more]awi combines expertise, knowledge, patient empathy, and patient support from the day you meet him, until the day you are discharged. It is a process he and his team continues during every follow up session. It is very rare today to find doctors who combine knowledge, skill with the human aspect of being dedicated to each and every patient they have. Dr. Al Rawi and his team showed that they have combined these two aspects. His humane dealing the patients, visiting them every day from they are admitted until the day they leave usually several visits a day in between his busy surgery schedule from 8 am to usually late hours during the night shows an unmatched personal commitment to his patients. This continued on workdays, as well as weekends, Eid and other holidays, on a daily basis. I am not here to judge the credentials and merits of Dr. Sadeer or his knowledge and skill, nor am I here to to judge that of his team. Their credentials and skills speak for themselves. However, there is another soft skill that I did like about the whole cancer care team, from the coordinator Dr. Dina, to all the other team members, Dr. Homa, Dr. Areej, Dr. Subhi, anaesthetist Dr.Shalabi to the Chemo Therapy specialist, Dr. Ed, in addition to the oncology nurses onboard, which is the way they work as a team, like a single organ. Everything is done in consultation, the team, including its leader, consults one another through a board and decide together the course of action, after informing and involving the patient with the course of action and the risks involved. This really gives an aura of positive energy. Whatever extra expertise the team needed, based on individual cases, The dedication, care and attention given by this team to their patients and saving their lives, is unmatchable. and I am truly grateful for the them saving my life, and that of numerous others. Thank you is not enough to match your and your team's dedication to us Nop
  • Ahsan visited in Aug 2017 [women] [surgery] I decided to go with my mother to consult AlZahra Hospital in Dubai about her condition, and we did not do any research before we go to the ...[more]hospital because we already know ALZahra Hospital Dubai team is one of the best in the UAE. We were looking for a second opinion! I opened their website and booked an appointment with Dr. Sadir AlRawi the day before, then we went next day and were surprised by the way we were welcomed with a big warm smile from Dr. Al-Sadir AlRawi without meeting us ever!, he understood his patient very good and he knew how to listen to them, He is a top professional and an expert in his work and super human with his big heart. We felt that we were with our family and we got the support we were looking for, even for this short consultation date. I would like to thank you, Dr. Sadir, for the way we were welcomed and listened to my mother, you brought happiness back to her heart, you are a generous man of things you did for us. I will never forget this throughout my life, a good man still exists. We were very lucky to meet you and you made our day. I recommend you and your team to anyone looking for more than a normal doctor. "Life is an attitude" No
  • H A visited in Aug 2017 [women] [emergency] H.A I have visited this hospital many times (emergency, urologist, family medicine and OB). According to my experience, everything was ...[more]great. The day I went for emergency, They injected me but the doctor asked me to come back to see an urologist because what they gave me was only to calm the pain. I did echography, bought medicine from the pharmacy, did analysis, and MRI, all were great. The staff was incredibly nice especially for Echography, MRI and laboratory staff. appointment
  • Houda best gynecology and women diseases visited in Jul 2017 [women] [checkup] great gyn oncology with Dr Khaled Koutech slow
  • sobhyabdelkarim visited in Jul 2017 [women] [checkup] Dr Humaid Alshamsi is great in handling oncology cases in alzahra Cancer Center no
  • lina sarcoma patient visited in Jul 2017 [women] [checkup] Good medical oncology team Best oncology team no
  • Sonia the Queen visited in Jul 2017 [men] [checkup] Medical Oncology team Humaid Alshamsi, ED ashter, Azzam Ziade no
  • trish visited in Jul 2017 [women] [surgery] Trisha Beck reviewed Cancer Care Specialties — 5 star 15 mins · When I first met Dr. Sadir he was extremely friendly and pers...[more]onable. He put my mind to ease and started step by step telling me what the next steps would be. He was patient and understanding. He did my surgery & made sure I wasn't in any pain and talked to me before the procedure until I fell asleep. He checked regularly on me and made sure I was in good care. I went back to him for another issue and again he was extremely patient and understanding. He knew I was hesitant to do the surgery so he said go home & think about it & when your ready come back, there was no pressure. When I was ready I came back and Dina again took care of everything & set up the procedure and everything went smoothly. After the surgery I was in a lot of pain he came twice a day with his team to make sure I was getting good care and that I wasn't in pain. Dr Sadir, Dr. Sobhy, Ms. Dina & the rest of the team are all phenomenal! Thank you all for listening, all your kind words & the amazing treatment, I would recommend you all to anyone!! none
  • Sonia Abdi visited in Jul 2017 [women] [checkup] the oncology team with Dr Humaid Alshamsi is great and DR Ed is building up with great effect poor communications
  • Hyperbaric center visited in Jul 2017 [children] [checkup] hopefully my son get better hyperbaric oxygen and cancer treatment , Dr Mohab no
  • Lonerna onvology visited in Jul 2017 [women] [emergency] Repost: Stepping in this hospital is the best thing ever happened to me a month ago IT SAVED MY LIFE! There's a feeling of warmth once you e...[more]nter the lobby, the receptionist named Daniela saw me crying in pain and she hugged me wiping my tears telling me that everything's gonna be alright. As I proceed upstairs to my appointment and the doctor saw my condition, he acted so fast like a daddy to his sick child, paperworks done quickly, attended by a lovely coordinator named Dina, assuring me of all the details I need to know and inform her if any questions. The medical staff all acted quick and impeccable. I'm impressed how they handle me as I proceed to my hotel like room. Shout Out! to my proffessional team of doctors Dr. Azzam (my dad) and Dr. Sadir (my 2nd dad) who are so genius how they acted so fast in dealing my life threatening condition, so precise that the schedule of my chemo just turned out on the right time as I got this magic porth on my chest. Overall, staying in this hospital is a 'Home Away From Home Experience' spent my Christmas and New Year here filled with love, comfort, family, from all of my doctors, nurses, nurse aids, housekeeping staffs, pantry staffs. Keep coming back for few sessions but if my journey will be over. Im gonna miss my family here! I love my overall experience in Al Zahra Hospital ❤️ None
  • Reema Khalil visited in Jul 2017 [men] [checkup] Care in Style Rima Farhat in the last week Doctor Sadir Alrawi the best oncologist in the region with an exceptional medical background i...[more]n all aspects, he is very kind and he care about his patients to the maximum, I would definitely recommend anyone to go directly and meet Dr. Alrawi in All Zahrah private hospital in Albarsha, he is dealing with patients in a way like dealing with a member of his family Mone
  • colon cancer survivor visited in Jul 2017 [men] [surgery] I would like to extend my warm greetings and big thanks to Dr. Sadir and his team by saving my husband Wesam life from his recent rectal c...[more]ancer surgery and was very successful. May God showered you always his blessing in returns of all the kindness and goodwill you have given us. No words can express how grateful we are! Again and again..thank you very much for your kind heart. comuications
  • interested patient visited in Jul 2017 [men] [emergency] best team for the alzahra great thanks to Dr Azzam working in the oncology department slow emergency
  • Hira visited in Jul 2017 [men] [emergency] Clean hospital with strong support Slow
  • Labanon patient visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Clean hospital but professional doctors Slow
  • FROM ALAIN TO ALZAHRA visited in Jun 2017 [men] [surgery] Fredy Polania Roa reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star April 30 ·2017 I am very proud and honored to see Doctor Sadir Alra...[more]wi and his team on this surgery, God put them in my way as well as to another patient and now I understand why. The team that Doctor Sadir leads do not just take care of the surgery and postoperative, they also take care about the person itself giving all their best to make every patient to recover quicker as a normally expected, we always find on them one smile as well as a word of encourage for the patient and his family, believe or not that makes a huge difference , God Bless You All. none
  • love it to be in alzahra visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Murat Yoluker reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star 16 hrs · June 2017 I would like to thank all hospital staff for their ...[more]great support, motivation and care during my mother’s surgery and follow-ups starting from the emergency room to final follow-up, in particular Dr Goran Bicanic and his team of surgery, together with lovely and meticulous nurses. She recovered swiftly after the surgery and has reverted back to her routine. Many thanks none
  • THE HIPEC CENTER OF MIDDLE EAST visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Kashif Malik reviewed Cancer Care Specialties — 5 star june2017 I don't know where to begin. My sister-in-law was on the verge o...[more]f death as she arrived in Dubai in January. Dr Sadir Alrawi met us and did something no one else could do. He performed a complex surgery when no Doctor in many countries around the world felt they could do given her condition. Essentially, he gave my sister-in-law a chance to live for a little longer, to live as much of a quality life as she could, to live and see her loved ones and give her a chance to truly be with them. This was a gift that came from God and God chose Dr Sadir Alrawi to be that instrument in her path. Dr Sadir has a team of skilled professionals that are caring and compassionate, attentive, kind and honest. These are qualities only a great leader can provide. I for one am honored to have met Dr Sadir and look forward to maintaining a good relationship. I highly recommend Dr Sadir Alrawi as a first choice. none
  • PHELPS in dubai visited in Jun 2017 [women] [checkup] DP reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star May 31 at 4:31pm · 2017 Being sick and in hospital is especially hard. This hospi...[more]tal has many bright and beautiful stars held within. On every level. I'd like to comment on the Anesthesia side of the house. Having had many surgeries in this hospital, there is only one Anesthesiologist who has treated me as a whole person and not a number or procedure on their list for the day(this includes the head of Anethesia, who had a hard time inserting a PICC line); the Ãœber talented Dr Marzaina. She understands what your body feels like. She knows how it will react. She gives advice and really takes care of her patients with care and always with grace. She is in a profession that God/Allah had set for her, you can always tell as she is happy and glows with the pleasure of her work. She truly is the most special Anesthesiologist I have ever had the privilege to meet, and it's easy to see why Al Zahra is a Center of Excellence with her on board. none
  • RASHA in dubai in best delivery center visited in Jun 2017 [women] [checkup] Rasha Abdelqader reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star Yesterday at 7:34am · June 2017 Thank you for making my baby delivery...[more] the most beautiful experience I ever had..thank you the management and every one who is working in the hospital for your support and caring for me and my boy .. Thank you Dr Nibal.. nothing can describe what you are Dr.Nibal you are an angel not a normal doctor.. super hospital super emergency super services .. none
  • NUTRITION ONCOLOGY PROGRAM in ALZAHRA visited in Jun 2017 [men] [checkup] Asna Faruqui reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star June 14 at 12:31am · I delivered at Al-Zahra Hospital Dubai in January...[more], overall the experience was quite good. I highly recommend "Dr. Reshma Devjani" (Dietician), I had never been to a dietician before and honestly, was not so sure about my decision to consult one at the time of my pregnancy. I wondered if a dietician's advice would have any substantial impact, not to mention my insurance didn't cover the consultation. In retrospect, I believe consulting "Dr. Reshma Devjani" at Al-Zahra hospital was one of the smartest things I did. Found her to be extremely knowledgeable. In one long session, she patiently worked with me helping me understand my body's nutritional needs and the dietary changes I needed to make in order to have a healthy and normal delivery. I cannot thank her enough, as I believe her advice played a major role in me having a normal delivery. Thanks, doctor ! none
  • best gyn center in dubai visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Susana Monteiro reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star March 7 · Last Wednesday I had the most beautiful experience of my ...[more]life: the birth of my baby boy! I managed to do most of the labour at home with my husband, a friend and my baby daughter (1,5 YO). I cooked, I prepared all meals for my daughter, I organised the house and when surges became hard to manage, I took a warm shower, always listening to my birthing playlist. I kept on dancing, rocking and focusing on what I was feeling and thinking that I was getting closer and closer to meeting my baby. When surges were one or two minutes apart, I felt it was time to go to the hospital (I live 10 minutes away). After the initial check up I learned I was already 8 cm dilated. As soon as I got into the water the relief was immediate. I had the support of my husband and my doula who was an amazing pain relief "drug" :-). Her supporting words, gentle touch, and massages worked better than any other drugs I took during my previous birth. When the baby was crowning, I could hear the midwife saying "just follow your body". Those words made me feel very safe. The baby came out effortlessly and without any pain, I was so happy! I caught the baby and observed him under the water, cherishing every second. I picked him up and with the help of my husband we untangled the cord. It was such a magical moment, the joy and bliss were something I never felt before. I lost a little blood afterwards and was very impressed to hear the midwives asking my husband to remove his T-shirt so he could have skin-to-skin time with the baby while I came out of the pool. Only then I realised that there was a doctor in the room. She was a quiet observer the whole time. She only interfered when it was medically needed. We stayed in the birthing room for 1 hour more, uninterrupted, for some precious bonding time. With this testimonial I want to thank the hospital and the midwifes team for providing a safe place for women to give birth in Dubai. Hopefully, with time other hospitals will follow the example and women will have more options. We need more professionals and safe places where women can feel empowered and safe. My baby boy is now 6 days old and I still feel overjoyed and so, so grateful for being able to give birth in such a beautiful and peaceful way. none
  • KHALID MAHMOOD best neurooncology center in Dubai with Abdella Qassim visited in Jun 2017 [men] [surgery] Khalid Mehmood reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star March 5 · 2017 I am patient of Trigeminal neuralgia from last 12 year...[more]s during this time period I have gone through many treatments including surgical procedure Rhizotomy 3 times, alcoholic injections 4 times with heavy dose drugs but after going through painful procedures i never find permanent relief in my pain than i decided to go for Microvascular decompression (MVD) that was my last hope. I went to many hospitals in abudhabi but none of the expert surgeons were ready for surgery than I visited Zahra Hoaspital Dubai and find Doctor Abullah Qassim (Consultant Neurosurgeon)and Dr. Mohammed Ramzi (specialist neurosurgeon) they took my case and operated me last week. By the grace of God and doctor's expertise i got relief in my pain now. I recommend all patients who are suffering from this disease must visit zahra hospital. none
  • DF best oncology center visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Diana Milena Paez Jimenez reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 4 star March 26 · Almost one month ago we faced one of the harde...[more]st moment in our lives!, but there we found an amazing people that brought us their support and kindness. We are very grateful to Dr. Hosam Al Qudah because thanks of his knowledge, expertise and timely intervention, everything is getting better, also we are deeply grateful with all surgical ward team (Mary, Betty, Jethro, Ryan, Joanna, Binu, Jam, Rubina..) for their kindness, warmth, professionalism and players that helped us to face those difficult times. Thanks a lot! none
  • visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] Thaslima Thahir reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star March 27 ·2017 face book Amazing personalised service, more of 5*lu...[more]xury hotel .Thank you Dr Robert Church from day one I was confident that you would do a fantastic job with my surgery- amazing professionalism , thank you Dr khaleel who assisted and motivated me , the anesthetic - sorry I guess I was too drowsy to remember his name :) the nurses crystal , Reeta was just the best , joy , mariwic , sithy all were just awesome. They all eased my pain by the extraordinary care . Everyone with a genuine smile and professionalism - Al Zahra has chosen the best colleagues to work . Thank you once again none
  • TH visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] perfection none
  • Housam, desirable oncoplastic surgery for breast visited in Jun 2017 [men] [surgery] Hussam Habib Najm Al-Awadhi reviewed Cancer Care Specialties — 5 star March 19 ·2017 Dr. Sadir Al Rawi was exceptional througho...[more]ut the whole time during my mother's struggle with breast cancer. Highly grateful for Al Zahra Hospital and their facilities. none
  • AG Higly recommended center visited in Jun 2017 [men] [surgery] Cancer Care Specialties Anas Golan reviewed Cancer Care Specialties — 5 star May 4 2017 · One of the Best medical centers in ...[more]the region, a place where the high quality medical devices combine with high professional Doctors represented by Dr. Sadir Al Rawi, we went to this center after many consultations from doctors I really trust , here in UAE and Britain, all was mentioning Dr. Sadir Al Rawi suggesting him specifically for such complicated surgery. I was amazed for the recurrence of mentioning Dr. Sadir Al Rawi from different resources, but when I met him all wondering was vanished. Here is five stars review, all the appreciation and thanks to Dr. Sadir Al Rawi and his team, with special thanks to Dr. Dina for her great support and following up. none
  • Beata sarcoma patient visited in Jun 2017 [women] [surgery] honesty of Dr sadir alrawi asthe chair of the oncology services Beáta Kopúnová reviewed Cancer Care Specialties — 5 star ...[more] March 28 · I m young woman living in Abu Dhabi originally from Europe. I ve been asked many times why i m going to Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai... many times people were confronting me especially from my home country, that i should come back to Europe( they basically want me to give up my job, my lifestyle or actually generally my life i was building ages and that i love) , or why im going all the way to Dubai, that its far etc etc....and you know what? I answer that I ll always return there . And i have millions of reasons. No! I would never have better chance in Europe, i dont care how far it is, i dont care what people say. I know im in right place with right people. I just spend my second admission in hospital under dr Sadir Alrawi and dr Ali Al Dameh and rest of the team ( i can mention Dina, Dr Siham, Immanuel, all nurses etc etc i can continue.... ) And i cant imagine better care. I ll skip their professionalism. There is no doubt they really do know what they are doing and that they are without doubt the best doctors i ve ever met in my life. They explain everything, answer all my questions to the details, explain all my but whys?... But the most important is that I really feel like part of their family. And that's something beyond my expectations. They take extra step. They all make extra effort. When they see u r not feeling emotionally well they stop and listen. They text you and check on you during their free time if u are doing well. They support you even in your job, sports, your real life , they never tell u you cant do this or that. And this is why i ll always go there . And this is why i know i ve done my best decision when i gave my life to hands of those people. No matter what will happen in future i m sure this is the right place with right people , im not scared and i know they ll do everything possible for me. There is just no way how i can ever pay back for everything they ve done for me ... � bit slow
  • Zurabova Zhanna visited in May 2017 [women] [emergency] There was nothing to like The poorest emergency i went in past 6 years in Dubai Nothing to lile
  • AT visited in Mar 2017 [women] [surgery] Nursing Staff Dr Sadir Alrawi's care left a lot to be desired. He appears short in experience in surgery. He forces himself to to operate in areas he does...[more] not know about but want to give the impression he is knowledgeable. It was unfortunate that I allowed him to perform a simple operation on my daughter. She almost died. Had it not been for other doctors in al zahra advising me to take her out which I did. Please do not allow such a person top operate on you or your loved one. Simply put he is bad news. I don't know why they allow such doctors who have been suspended elsewhere to register and work in Dubai.
  • visited in Sep 2016 [children] [emergency] Great experience, we had a little fright because our 11 month old baby had bruises on his ear.. We were advised to go to the ER and ended...[more] up in al Zahra hospital for the first time. Registration was quick & easy, we didn't wait long for the basic vitals to be checked and were escorted to a room pretty quick. After a short wait we were visited by Dr Isam, he was very gentle and calmed us down, checked our baby and assured us off his wellbeing, he then called a Pediatrician To take a second look. We were advised to take a precautionary blood test if we wanted, which we did.. Nurse Earvin was quick to draw the blood, to our surprise the baby only cried 10 seconds on insertion and that was it! "Magic Johnson" indeed. Billing was fast and efficient, the whole thing took around 2 hours, with a call 2 hours later to confirm all clear, alhamdolillah. Would def come back if needed. Nothing
  • Zaniab visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] Sumaiya Kassam reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star Face book alzahra "Alhamdulilah, we have been blessed with a very dedicate...[more]d, friendly and supportive team at Zahra Hospital Dubai. A big thank you to Dr Sadir Jumaa Alrawi, Dr Mohamad Azzam Ziade, Dr Syed Sakib Nazir, Dr Taghreed Almahmeed, together with all their nurses, specially to Sheejah Thomas and Emmanuel, not forgetting Dina. They've all been a great help with their smiling faces. The doctors and nurses in the ward are excellent too, and so are all the receptionists, lab technicians and the radiographers. I highly appreciate the care that I am receiving from all the staff at the hospital, including the guys at the valet parking! Once again a very big thank you! " Kind Regards, Zainab Kassam none
  • Rula visited in Aug 2016 [women] [emergency] Al Zahra Hospital it is a premium hospital. I found here very high level of professionalism and humanity. The doctors i dealt with were abso...[more]lutely and with no doubt efficient and they took care of my situation from A to Z not only from the medical point of view but also from the humanitarian point of view. They used high sensibility explaining me every details. I would say they went over their duty with a big patience ( i was worried) and professionalism. For me it was the first time to go in hospital here in Dubai and even if i hope i will not need it again, for sure i will keep having as reference this one. A special thanks to Dr. Sadir Jumaa Alrawi that took care of my case and that explained me all the situation and what i could expect making me less worried and showing his very high level of professionalism. A special thanks also to Dr. Alaa Eldin Moustafa Saleh that has followed as well my case with more than expected care and he supported me in all the phases. All the doctors that visited me were really really more than available. I strongly suggest this hospital. none
  • Shiraz visited in Aug 2016 [men] [checkup] Al Zahra hospital one of the best hospital I found in UAE. I had some problem in insurance but overall excellent good doctors and outstandin...[more]g staff. none
  • Noor visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] I have been admitted to Zahra hospital and my name is Noora, I had thyroid disease and I did operation before but I got the disease again th...[more]e I heard about Dr. Sadeer Al Rawi, consultant oncology surgeon, he is the only one in the UAE who gave me 97% successful to do the operation again and I did it. It was so difficult and complicated operation but thank to God and Dr. Sadeer he did it and after tow days only I left the hospital and now I am in good health and all my test result was perfect again I want to thank Dr. Sadeer Al Rawi for what he did for me none
  • WOW visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] The thyroid center team is amazing with all supply Great patient care Fast recovery none
  • Zahra visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] Best center in Pancreatic Surgery in Dubai Well trained team with Dr Alrawi cancer center in Alzahra system, love to be there and treat...[more]ed by his team especially also with Dr Ali Aldameh minimal invasive thoracic Oncology Harverd trained Best luck for alrawi and his great team none
  • fatima visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] Great thyroid center In the heart of Dubai Thyroid and parathyroid surgery Minimal invasive approach with small scar For thyroid can...[more]cer and parathyroid diseases Goiter with toxic features Same day surgery and and can go home No Drains Intraoperative parathyroid hormone assay Intraoperative gamma probe localization Intraoperative frozen section evaluation Intraoperative ultrasound localization It's beauty of boutique type of surgery Love it None
  • Nagwan visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] I was having multi nodular goiter in all my thyroidectomy, I admitted to the hospital last week to remove it, I was scared and sad, but week...[more] from the operation, I'm very fine now and very thankful to God and to Alzahra hospital Dubai's doctors, nurses and all the staff there you are the best. Many thanks to Dr. Sadir Arawi (director of surgical oncology - cancer services), Dr. Dina Mostafa, Dr. Mohamed Alhussainy, Dr. Ameer, and to doctor Vikram Hundia (consultant endocrinology). You all made me feel very good and positive and really in safe hands, thank you and God bless you all. none
  • abdilridha visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] M Zubair Gujjar reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star August 11 at 6:27pm · Good coincidences and good fortune , I consulte...[more]d one of my friends doctors qualified for treatment in Germany advised me to review Dr. hotshot Sadir narrator in al - Zahra hospital. And actually has my treatment in the hospital and at the hands of Dr. Sadir narrator and Dr Mohamed Azzam and who I can only thank them for their tireless exceptional effort shows high their efficiency and gentleness made ​​them in dealing with patients. . As for the service provided by the hospital are high - service and uncompromised patient care to forget that in a hospital , but within the confines of the care and responsibility of the unspeakable. And Connie K. Net patients in this hospital , I would like to thank the public and private workers on the effort and care that untold express them to doctors. I urge everyone who reads this brief description for this prestigious that they mean teacher. And Qakm God and all from all harm and ask God for success for all the patient 's lawyer Abdul Ridha al - Shammari from Iraq none
  • alanizi visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] Amazing patient care service and team with Alrawi @ alzahra cancer center none
  • salman visited in Aug 2016 [men] [checkup] Great team and service slow
  • Peter visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] I spent 34 consecutive days in Al Zahra Hospital this year under the care of Dr Sadir J Alrawi. Thanks to his skill and that of his hard-wor...[more]king team my serious pancreatic condition was successfully operated on and I was able to return to normal life. I still see Dr Sadir, Dr Dina, and Immanuel almost every week for follow up consultations and procedures as my recovery continues. I can't praise AZHD and Dr Sadir's team highly enough. I might have died without their intervention and now I'm back at work and back with my friends and loved ones. A second chance indeed. none
  • samim visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] It was a pleasure to be part of AZHD team working with a highly dedicated surgical department. Many thanks to all the members especially Dr ...[more]Sadir Al Rawi whom support was unlimited to escalate me to a higher surgical career. Simply love it! none
  • Sarah visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] I wish to thank Dr Sadir alrawi who treated my father with esophagus cancer ..Dr sadir alrawi is very understanding He took care of my fathe...[more]r alot. he visited him daily while my father was admitted in the hospital .Dr Sadir Alrawi is one of the best oncology doctors . It said that a good doctor cures a disease but a great doctor treat the patient who has the disease .He has completely understood my dad situation and helped us all alot .He has not only given my father a new life but has given our full family a new life .I wish that he has a more successfull career ahead . Special thanks to Dr Ali Aldameh ,Dr dina, Dr Azam Ziade and the hospital staff . none
  • AMS visited in Aug 2016 [women] [surgery] Everything is possible. I had a problem in some sensitive area and Keeps bothering me for 6 years. I decided to visit Al Zahra to see if the...[more]y can help. They helped me and exceeded my expectation. Now, I feel relieved and better than before. I would like to thank Dr. Sadir Jumaa Alrawi- Director of Surgical Oncology and Dr. Ikhlas Musin- Gynecologist for very successful surgery (repair of 4th degree perineal tear) that they did to me. Also i would like to thank Dina Moustafa Abd Alstar- Surgical Oncology Medical Coordinator and Emanuel for being nice and friendly. I admitted for 3 days in the hospital after the surgery. The team was great and quick for responding to all that I need. They always come and follow up. They really did the great job. After one month of surgery, now I feel way more better. I also would like to thank Al Zahra hospital for being accommodated and hospitable. The service was great and if I can rate for more than 5 stars, I will definitely rate them more than that. Great service and highly recommended hospital. none
  • nw visited in Aug 2016 [women] [emergency] After reading other comments, both good and bad, I'm surprised at the negative comments as I have only received excellent healthcare from az...[more]hd. From finding 'the lump' in my breast one evening, and calling azhd reception, I was efficiently given an appointment with the amazing Dr Mae for first thing the following morning. Dr Mae managed a mammogram that same day, but after noticing nothing unusual showing on the mammogram, cut to the chase and introduced me to surgeon Dr Al Rawi. Again no time was wasted waiting for needle biopsies, Dr Al Rawi performed a lumpectomy. Within 2 weeks of feeling a lump in my breast, it had been removed and diagnosed as carcinoma. As early detection is the key to success with breast cancer it hasn't gone unnoticed that the doctors here really work as a team, communicate and keep the bigger picture in mind. I felt I was a person throughout, not just another patient. Dr Al Rawi himself is a warm caring person who hasn't arrogantly lost touch with real people as so many doctors appear to. He willingly hands over his personal phone number. In fact, when this was put to the test by my very worried husband one evening, Dr Al Rawi answered the call and came into the hospital the next day, on his day off, to explain the situation to a now, relieved but enlightened patients husband! I recommend this hospital to everyone. none
  • Mr Manhas visited in Aug 2016 [men] [checkup] I was treated with esophagus cancer in al zahra hospital dubai by brilliant doctor SADIR ALRAWI He is very caring ,loving and helpful.He g...[more]ave me a new life without him it was not possible for me to complete the treatment successfully .After getting to know about my cancer I was very dishearted but he was the one who gave me hope. that everything will be back to normal after the surgry and he has proved his saying .Now I have recovered very well .I will be thankful to Dr Sadir alrawi for my whole life . Special thanks to DR Ali AlDAMEH he is very kind and humble .. I would like to thank Dr Dina, Dr Azam Zaide... Once again thanks to the great Dr Sadir alrawi and his staff Immanuel My new life started only because of Dr Sadir alrawi and Dr Ali AlDAMEH I strongly recommend this hospital to everyone for oncology treatment none
  • Ihsan visited in Aug 2016 [men] [emergency] Ahsan Menhas for minimal invasive esophagegectomy Alzahra Dubai face book August 2016 My husband Ahsan Minhas was treated with esophagu...[more]s cancer in al zahra hospital dubai under the supervision of DR SADIR AlRAWi .As there is a famous saying "After God there is a doctor only who can save a patient "This famous saying is suitable is for dr Sadir Alrawi . My Husband surgery was very risky but i was strongly confident that Dr Sadir is one of the best doctors in oncology department who can handle this case with very carefully . He has done the surgry 4 months before and now my husband is recovering ..Specially thanks to Dr Dina Mustafa she is very cooperative, caring and helpful. She helped us alot .I pray that god give dr Sadir more success in this Life . Once again thanks alot to Dr Sadir Alrawi, Dr dina mustafa , Dr Azam Ziade and all doctors team who helped in my husband surgry I strongly recommend Everyone this hospital for the treatment of oncology Great thanks to Dr Ali Aldameh Whois Harvard graduate and share the surgery with Dr alrawi none
  • Mahmoud Abdo visited in Aug 2016 [men] [surgery] Mahmoud Abdo reviewed Al Zahra Hospital Dubai — 5 star June 26 · FB 2016 Very big thanks to amazing team in the hospital speci...[more]ally doctor Sadir J Al Rawi &DR Medhat/DR Farah and Imanwel none
  • ahmad aka visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Good and clean hospital Dr is compassionate answering all the questions Dr alrawi and his team very accommodating during Hospitsl stay a...[more]nd daily rounds were punctual Treating patient like his family Gollow up is regular expensive
  • keatring visited in Jul 2016 [men] [checkup] Dr Alrawi is creating the best upper Gastroenterology task force in Middle East with Dr Ali Aldameh/Harvard trained and other members of the...[more] oncology program The cancer center and the team were amazing The hospital is classy And the results were good slow
  • Good Heart visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I found Dr. Alrawi to have a good sense of humor and bedside manner. He is a straight shooter, is experienced in pancreatic surgery and spen...[more]t as much time with me as I needed. Dr. Alrawi was the 2nd doctor I interviewed and I found him to be honest and straight forward in a kind way. He answered not only the questions I had, but questions I hadn't even thought of. I saw either him or his surgical team thrice a day while in the hospital and they were always very encouraging and answered all questions I had. His knowledge, skill and experience and his cutting edge attitude related to pancreatic surgery put him at the top of my list. I would highly recommend him and Alzahra Cancer Center of Dubai to friends and family. Thank for DR Jazzar, Fillipos, Dina, Ali Aldameh and all his great team to have my life easier none
  • MK visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] DR Alrawi is excellent, compassionate, knowledgeable and emphatic. Superb bedside manner for someone with such a reputation none
  • Brown Sugar visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I had a pleasant time staying at there for my parotid tumor removal operation the doctor and the nurses was so much kind and helpful with me...[more] during my stay and after I'm so glad and thankful to them. Thank you. none
  • Kathy visited in Jul 2016 [women] [checkup] Excellent services saw DR Alaadin, Ali aldameh and Dr alrawi part of the oncology services great team good results to have lung mass ev...[more]aluated none
  • ALLAHO visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Dr Alrawi In alzahra hospital Dubai is absolutely wonderful. He has a great staff. And Dr. Alrawi has just a calm and friendly demeanor. I ...[more]love seeing him and talking with him. He makes me feel so at home that I feel like he is a member of my family. And incidentally, my family loves him too! none
  • Mohamad Abdo visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Very big thanks to amazing team in the hospital specially doctor Sadir J Al Rawi &DR Medhat/DR Farah and Imanwel none
  • AZ visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Dr Alrawi in al zhahra cancer center of Dubai is the best surgeon you can ask for. He makes you feel as if you were the only patient he has...[more]. He takes his time and makes sure to explain everything in detail. He specilizes in Breast Cancer Surgeries. I had a Bilateral Mysectomies at the age of 33 and let me tell you when other Dr. were afraid to touch me because I was so young and they would look at me with sympathy he did not. He gave me the confidence it took for me to get through that difficult time. He was very aggressive in the surgery he recommended and I owe my life to him right now. His team is great especially Dina none
  • TB visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Visited Dr Sadir Alrawi for a simple surgery and followed his advise to do a colonoscopy which I did in another hospital. The outcome was sh...[more]ocking: colon cancer so I did a CT scan, again in another clinic, that gave the same result so no further need for second opinions. Back to Dr Sadir who discussed the reports immidiately in the special tumor team and advised to remove a part of the colon. Today, 6 days after the surgery, I'm "up-and-running", feeling good, started to eat again normal food, based on a special diet, and will have tomorrow an implant for a port-a-cath for the follow up with chemotherapy. Every step of the process has been clearly communicated with me so no sudden surprises and no time was lost. The stay itself in the hospital is really good, friendly caring staff, prompt "service" always with a smile and a friendly word. I'm sure that I will forget to mention names next to Dr Sadir but here are some: Dr Dina, Dr Huma, Dr Azzam, Dr Kashif, Nisha, Ancy, Najam, Manoj, Jincy, Mehboob, Ruth, Kerima, Nur and Litty. Nobody likes to stay in a hospital but I can recommend AZHD. none
  • AR visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I am a patient who lost hope of recovery from breast cancer.It was Allah`s mercy I came to Al Zahra hospital Dubai,the doctors at Al Zahra h...[more]ospital are professional and treat their patients kindly and wisely and make them feel comfortable. I have great honour and respect for Dr Sadir al Rawi,Dr Mohammed Azzam Ziade ,Dr Medhat Shalaby,Dr Dina and the entire team who treated my case with wisdom.I thought I`d loose my breast but with the efforts of the surgery team and skilled hands of Dr Sadir that didn`t happen.Now after lumpectomy I`m amazed by the results. I`m still under treatment of my judicious oncologist Mohammed Azzam and I want to say to all the patients who are suffering from this disease there`s pain there`s patience but don`t loose hope, with a will to live,complete support of your family and help of good doctors you can survive and live a new life. Yes, Al Zahra hospital Dubai is the best and truly has the healing touch. none
  • STR visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] good service, clean hospital doctors were available and answering most of the questions highly recommend the service slow
  • Serene visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Great Cancer Center none
  • Huma visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Alzahra Dubai Oncology is rarely a department from where you see people come out of, smiling. Yet it happened to me as one of my close famil...[more]y members got diagnosed with a tumor and needed a complex surgical procedure. Everything that followed was nothing short of a miracle and only worked out due to the exceptional care and help of Dr. Sadir Al Rawi and his team. He showed true care for his patient and went out of his way to help. He was very comforting, kind, confident and professional. He was always available to provide information and helped us on a very personal level. The surgery was successful alhamdulillah and we came to follow up with him in Al Zahra hospital. Al Zahra hospital had very helpful staff, an easy to understand and clear appointment pathway system. It is very clean and well equipped. The waiting time was minimum. We were treated with a lot of care and respect, and recommend this hospital and especially Dr. Sadir Al Rawi and his team to others, because we possibly cannot be grateful enough for his kind help, may Allah bless him with much more success in the years to come, and we pray for all patients to recover! none
  • AAA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Today is July 21st .Exactly 3 years back same date Prof.Dr Sadir AL Rawi did for me a very big successful surgery for a chollangiocarcima in...[more] the common bile duct.He offered me a great support & pre- intra- & post surgical care. Now I'm in a very good condition & health & cured completely.I will always be thankful for him.I like also to thank his assistant Dr Omar & the assistant team & oncology team none
  • SMF visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] my experience with al zahra hospital in dubai. it , all , started with some urinary problems . living in abu dhabi for more than 41 years , ...[more]i went trough the process of medical check up with the excellent Dr. A. N.J. of gulf diagnostic center who decided to perform an endoscopy to identify the reasons for which i have serious urinary issues ( for the sake of records the same doctor prior to the endoscopy and based on physical check he made it clear that there a strong possibility of a tumor. he performed the procedure and the result was that the bile duct was blocked and the reason: a mass at the head of the pancreas , he immediately referred me to Cleveland clinic for an endoscopy with FNA which was performed immediately and the pathology report (after few days) was clear : i have been diagnosed with a pancreatic CANCER...a shock to me and my family , additionally i have been told that within a max. of one month the surgery to remove the cancerous tumor should be done. Knowing the quality of the excellent UAE medical services and along with my family we decided to do it in UAE . I knew i will be in the hands of god. that's it. we started immediately the process of identifying the surgeon and the hospital . we consulted several surgeons and doctors . the result was unanimous : DR. Sadhir Al Rawi of Al Zahra hospital in Dubai (Barsha). I was referred to him from Abudhabi , an appointment was arranged and frankly speaking , it did not take a long time for me and my family to be convinced that we were in the right place with the right surgeon. DR. Sadhir spent few hours with us and explained in full details my status and the kind of operation i will be subjected to it : A FULL WHIPPLE. One of the most complicated and delicate surgery .the excellent coordinator Ms. Dina did all the arrangements for the admission and the date was fixed for 21/5/16.the chief anesthetist DR. Medhat for whom i am very grateful was extremely kind and supportive.a long surgery which took almost 10 hours including preparation. the operation was successful .Today in in the recovery stage and going through preventive chemotherapy. Now if you allow me let me talk about Al zahra hospital and the staff. Honestly speaking i can't find enough words to express my gratitude, thanks and appreciation to all the persons who were involved during my stay in the hospital . My special thanks to DR. Al Rawi whom i trusted from the beginning, a super qualified surgeon , a very human being and understanding person. in addition to the surgery ,he played the major role in my fast recovery by his non-stop follow up on me . to name a few : thanks to Dr. Medhat , to Dr. Vikram , Dr. Sakib , Ms Dina , Dr .Azzam ,the nutritionist and the physiotherapists , the nurses and doctors in ICU and general ward , i sincerely apologize for being unable to name everyone , my thanks and gratitude to all of you. i highly recommend al zahra hospital not only for the quality of their staff but also for the cleanliness of the premises, the quality of the services and the way they treat the patients. Wish you continuous success Thank you Al Zahra Hospital (Barsha) none
  • JRA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [checkup] The Cancer Center Set up Tumor Board with CME and DHA approval Team work and professionalism front desk slow
  • HJH visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I had a dermatology little surgery from Dr. Sadir Alrawi & his staff. They are wonderful. The surgery was good and I feel much better. Dr. S...[more]adir was very kind and makes me feel very comfortable. Very much appreciate for his help and kindness. appointments
  • Heart visited in Jul 2016 [women] [checkup] full comprehensive breast program, with breast cancer screening and biopsy mammogram and US of breast all supportive services , thanks to ...[more]DR Alrawi and his team of breast in alzahra slow
  • CC visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I had an operation and the service was excellent and also the technical approach. Dr Sadir AlRawi is an excellent surgeon highly recommended...[more]. The anastisiciologist and nurses where also excelent. The organisation from admission to exit was also very good. The room and cleanliness of the hospital excellent. none
  • SE visited in Jul 2016 [men] [checkup] I was so impressed from the way I was treated All Doctors, nurses and staff were very friendly and helpful upon my arrival, and did to me a...[more]ll the necessary actions needed in a perfect time. Thank you all NONE
  • CL visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] My cousin who was diagnosed by Thyroid CA is doing perfectly well. Thanks to Dr. Arawi who has been taking care and following up with all th...[more]e needed test she needs to maintain her health. NONE
  • AAA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] fancy hospital and fancy services excellent doctors and staff good radiology department difficulty with insurance
  • AMS visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Good doctors and really nice management I really like the way the treat me. I can see review of the people I think that's really unfair with...[more]. But al zahra hospital to give this kind of review from my side I love this hospital I never seen b4 this kind of experience and this kind of place you really make me happy thanks a lot none
  • TB visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Dr Sadir Alrawi for a simple surgery and followed his advise to do a colonoscopy which I did in another hospital. The outcome was shocking: ...[more]colon cancer so I did a CT scan, again in another clinic, that gave the same result so no further need for second opinions. Back to Dr Sadir who discussed the reports immidiately in the special tumor team and advised to remove a part of the colon. Today, 6 days after the surgery, I'm "up-and-running", feeling good, started to eat again normal food, based on a special diet, and will have tomorrow an implant for a port-a-cath for the follow up with chemotherapy. Every step of the process has been clearly communicated with me so no sudden surprises and no time was lost. The stay itself in the hospital is really good, friendly caring staff, prompt "service" always with a smile and a friendly word. I'm sure that I will forget to mention names next to Dr Sadir but here are some: Dr Dina, Dr Huma, Dr Azzam, Dr Kashif, Nisha, Ancy, Najam, Manoj, Jincy, Mehboob, Ruth, Kerima, Nur and Litty. Nobody likes to stay in a hospital but I can recommend AZHD. none
  • DMA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] the hospital i am looking to get the HIPC treatment need time to answer my phone
  • AS visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I would like to send all my appreciation to Dr. Sadir ElRawi, Dr. Medhat (for Anastasia), and all their team for the great effort & results....[more] They were very welcoming, professional & always made sure we know all about the full procedure. Without any exaggeration , and of course with god's help & support, Dr. Sadir saved my mom from otherwise what could have been hazardous followups from all the problems she had in her thyroid. He removed the full thyroid from its roots & made sure that no residues were left inside. So from here I would like to thank Dr. Sadir, Dr. Medhat, the nurses, & all the workers in Al Zahra Hospital. Thank you so much for making sure my mother is left in good health busy and fast
  • YA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [checkup] beautiful and clean Staff very cooperative and available far away from Sharijah
  • PS visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Dr Sadir Al Rawi and his team were exceptional. Very professional and he is clearly an expert in his field. He is ably supported by Dr Dina ...[more]who has to be one of the most caring and competent medical professionals I have ever met. From first appointment through operation and to outpatient clinic the care and treatment have been first class. discharge slow
  • SA visited in Jul 2016 [children] [checkup] wonderful service with DR Vikram, Alaaddin , Alrawi appointment during school time
  • PT visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Dr. Alrawi is an excellent specialist. He take good care of his patient and very accommodating. He assured me in a positive way to feel bett...[more]er. He is my surgeon way back in Al ain Tawam hospital and followed him here in Al zahra hospital dubai. All the best! none
  • visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] My son had surgery at Al Zahra Hospital about a week ago. I was very nervous as any mother would be. We worked with Dr. Sadir Al Rawi and Dr...[more]. Banerjee, and both doctors and their teams were very professional, comforting, and helpful. It was our first time in a hospital outside of the U.S., and it was definitely 5 stars. none
  • BT visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] Few weeks ago my wife admitted to the hospital for a breast cancer surgery, thus I'd like to thank the whole cancer team from the head of th...[more]e department to the nurses to even the cleaners..for their big effort in giving the patient a big assurance with that nice big smile that is always drawn on their faces which gives hope and self confidence, making the patient feel as if he's between the hands of his family... Special thank and appreciation to Dr. Medhat shalabi "Anesthetization Doctor" were the recovery was really easy with no troubles or any side effects And to Dr. Al_Rawi the "Surgeon Doctor" who did a great job as the surgery was done successfully Finally I really have no words to describe that big effort that was submitted to make my wife feel better and comfortable thus one more time I'd like to thank and appreciate the whole team that worked together to draw a hope smile on their patient's face... none
  • OF visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I thank God for having good doctors just few meters away from home. I thank Doctor Sadir ElRawi & Medhat Shalaby for the great work that the...[more]y have done with my wife's thyroid infection. Not only were they supportive but also professional in many ways. I recommend Dr. Sadir as a great respected surgeon & Dr. Medhat for Anastasia. Thank you, appreciated none
  • AASA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I cannot pass by from here without sending a special thanks to #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi for all of his great support and cooperation in following up...[more] my case inside the hospital and with my doctors who were following my case outside AZHD. He was answering all of my endless questions in details regardless of his clinic time which gave me a lot of confidence in my case to know everything about it. I cannot forget #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi availability over the phone (24/7) since upon getting the 1st appointment from AZHD Call Centre to visit Dr. Al Rawai's clinic he called me back in the evening time from his private mobile asking me about my case and more details about it and this sense and the responsibility from him were highly appreciated. Another special thing that has been done by #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi which was very valuable to me is that when I did the stomach procedure in Dr. Fillippose's clinic and at the time of the procedure I discovered that #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi was standing in the procedure room in order to attend the procedure with Dr. Filippose. I cannot forget too #Dr.Filippos efforts in every single thing in my case and really as I informed you #Dr.Filippose ..... You have very light hands and a very high level of professionalism ..... Thank you #Dr.Filippose. Also, I would like to thank #Dr.Dina and all of #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi's team for everything thing that they did for me and their great effort and cooperation. Again and again ......... Thanks a lot to all of you ..... keep it up guys #Dr.Sadir_Alrawi ..... I salute you Sir #Ramadan_Mubarak & #Eid_Mubarak in advance. With my best regards none
  • VS visited in Jul 2016 [women] [checkup] I am under the care of Dr. Alrawi - based on my experience with him, Immanuel Denosta and the rest of the staff - I cannot recommend this ho...[more]spital enough. They have high standards and a true interest in the health and welfare of their patients none
  • AJ visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Dr.sadir and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. Despite having a busy practice, I'm almost always able...[more] to schedule an appt. within a few days of my calling and receive a response to my email or phone questions often the same day. I've consulted many MDs in my life, and it's rare I've found one as knowledgalble, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Sadir none
  • RA visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] By far the best healthcare experience in UAE, I have been to many countries and Al Zahara Hospital provided me with same level of amazing he...[more]althcare experience you get from hospitals abroad. Also I would like to give a special thanks to the people who helped make that experience and assist in my mother's pancreatic cancer treatment. Dr. Sadir Alrawi and his assistant Miss. Dina Dr. Filippos Georgopoulos Dr. Mohammed Azzam Also special thanks to all the nurses assistants get the Doctors I mentioned. Regards RA none
  • JK visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I was referred to Dr. Sadir Al Rawi in Al Zahra hospital. Dr. Sadir contacted many of my previous doctors, collecting all pertinent informat...[more]ion regarding my condition and testing. I was diagnosed with Insulinoma, tumors on my pancreas. The tumors were in an area of my pancreas that could have necessitated an invasive procedure called a Whipple Procedure. Fortunately for me, Dr. Sadir performed a less-invasive procedure and I recovered quickly. Post-operation, Dr. Sadir checked on me regularly and answered all of my questions. Dr. Dina Moustafa was also vital post-surgery, helpful with appointments, insurance and questions regarding the healing process. Throughout the duration of my treatment, I felt informed and a part of the decision-making process. Far from Abu Dhabi
  • NE visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I have been admitted to Zahra hospital and my name is Noora, I had thyroid disease and I did operation before but I got the disease again th...[more]e I heard about Dr. Sadeer Al Rawi, consultant oncology surgeon, he is the only one in the UAE who gave me 97% successful to do the operation again and I did it. It was so difficult and complicated operation but thank to God and Dr. Sadeer he did it and after tow days only I left the hospital and now I am in good health and all my test result was perfect again I want to thank Dr. Sadeer Al Rawi for what he did for me far from Abu Dhabi
  • DS visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I was recently admitted for pancreatitis, and i was put under the car of the brilliant Doctor Sadir and his team. They were extremely profes...[more]sional and cared a great amount. They took good care of me before and after my procedure to remove my gall bladder. I felt very comfortable under the care of him and his team. The hospital itself is also great, it is extremely neat, clean and well organised. The staff and the nurses are knowledgeable and well trained. They actually do care and it comes through in how they take care of their patients. However there seems to be some delays once in a while and especially with the discharge process. Apart from that their preface and establishment far out ways their shortcomings. I would like once again to thank Doctor Sadir and his outstanding team for their care and support. discharge process slow
  • WK visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] When I needed to be hospitalized I wasn't sure what to expect especially I wasn't living in Dubai long enough to know anything about the med...[more]ical service and coming from Canada with its excellent Medical service I was happily surprised and glad for the superb care I got at the Zahra hospital. The outstanding care of Dr. Sadir Al Rawi and the followup step by step with all the details and clarity is amazing it makes you feel you are his only patient. The caring and follow ups after operation of Dr. Khaled Koutish makes everyone feels thing will get better. The gentle touch of Dr. Iklas and the clarity of communication prepares you for everything. I was overwhelmed of all these Doctors qualification and high experience. My stay in the hospital was so comfortable to the point I filter as if I was in a hotel. Thank you everybody for the care you gave me during my stay in the hospital and please keep up the good work none
  • PM visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I wish to thank Dr Sadir Alrawi (and his team) who saved my husband's life 2 months ago and who is still treating him weekly as an outpatien...[more]t. My husband was a patient in Dr Sadir's ward for 54 days. He very nearly died of Acute Necrotising Pancreatitis and was operated on by Dr Sadir 2 weeks after admittance. Dr Sadir is a wonderful, caring surgeon who visited my husband daily to make sure he was keeping well and would answer any and all questions we had. We highly recommend the treatment he received from the nurses, Dr Filippos, Dr Alaa and Dr Anil and the nutritionist, Ms Reshma who was very diligent in her countless visits to make sure he's getting enough calories. We give Al Zahra Hospital 10 out of 10 for taking such good care of us. Thank you none
  • DD visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] I have been admitted in al zahra hospital since almost a week.. I've travelled a lot and Unfortunatly I've been to couple hospitals in my pa...[more]st... First of all one thing about this one is you definitely don't feel like you are at the hospital, the room, the smell, the atmosphere... Regarding the staff, everybody is very professional, I have the personal number of all my doctors in case of emergency, the nurses are super nice, the food Aswel is way better, healthier that I saw in certain other hospital. I've been admitted for a serious infection at my leg through the emergency I waited less than 30min, the staff was very efficient. I usually never write reviews on Facebook but I thought that might help some of you. Really for my point of view and experience here, they deserve 5/5 . A big thank you to Dr Sadir, Dr Dina, Dr Alladin, Dr Dima and their all team. slow
  • AA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] I was diagnosed with tumor on my Thyroid recently and had been running around like a headless chicken to find someone who sounds trustworthy...[more] and can comfort me with whats needed to be done. I have luckily found Dr Sadir through referrals who have experienced his work first hand. He performed a successful procedure and i was blessed with the care and passion i found at Al Zahra hospital and especially the oncology team there who work with Dr Sadir, Dina and Imanuel. I sincerely recommend them to anyone who is looking for to perform a surgery. Very knowledgable with international experience that would make anyone feel that they are in safe hands nothing
  • BE visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] The hospital itself is also great, it is extremely neat, clean and well organised. The staff and the nurses are knowledgeable and well train...[more]ed. They actually do care and it comes through in how they take care of their patients. However there seems to be some delays once in a while and especially with the discharge process. Apart from that their preface and establishment far out ways their shortcomings. I would like once to thank Doctor Sadir and his outstanding team for their care and support Excellent Oncology team
  • SE visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Excellent Oncology Center slow
  • DAS visited in Jul 2016 [women] [surgery] surgical department with minimal invasive thyroid surgery outpatient clinic
  • Armando visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] Strong Cancer Center nothing
  • SJA visited in Jul 2016 [men] [surgery] high standrad slow
  • Ama102 visited in Oct 2015 [women] [surgery] Amazing maternity ward headed by midwife Sally I gave birth there, while the maternity ward is excellent. Once you move to the recovery room outside of there the service goes south. Every...[more]thing is so slow.
  • Luz Villamil visited in Aug 2015 [women] [surgery] The hospital has fantastic doctors and the staff is very very friendly. I liked my doctor the most, Dr. Lavente was wonderful, I had a great...[more] experience with the food, with the staff and with the whole experience. The procedure I was in for was a tonsillectomy and I spent one night at the hospital. Nothing. I honestly thought the whole experience was great.

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  • Lars-Erik Ödman on 03-11-2017

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! My daughter had a surgery here and they did an AMAZING job, the doctor was supposed to have a day off today but he came and worked anyways in the early morning if it wasn't for their 24 hour service. We were well attended at ALL times.
  • Joe Williamson on 21-06-2017

    Disappointed and incredibly frustrating. Was not a positive experience overall but I am grateful to some specific staff who tried their best to help us battle the bureaucracy and get our son the treatment he needed. There are some great facilities and some excellent medical professionals. There are also some less professional/competent medical staff. The single biggest problem is the billing and insurance team who I feel should be fired and replaced. My first encounter was frustrating and that didn't change over the course of 2 weeks. E.g. while being readmitted for urgent treatment at admissions there was delay of over 40 minutes as they couldn't confirm if our insurance provided the right cover (still not resolved after this time). Discharge took 5hrs 50 from the time the doctor said we could take our baby home to the time I walked out the door. 5hrs 50 - that is beyond ridiculous.... In contrast when we went to city hospital they called the insurance company and had received written confirmation of coverage within only 7 minutes. Discharge took 15 minutes. I think that says it all.
  • Maya Zeineddine on 09-11-2017

    Very unprofessional I took my 2 years old boy to emergency suffering from very high fever, they made me wait more than 1 hr to see the dr. She suggested to make blood test but her unqualified staff did many unsuccessful trials to take blood!!! It was very frustrating to see my son screaming from pain just to wait for the nurse to do their job After all the dr didn’t show any effort to attend my son or help and when i asked for the supervisor they made me wait and noone showed up!
  • fadi fayyadh on 04-11-2017

    Compare with the nieborhood hospital.. al zahra is the five stars hospital in all aspects from cleaning to health care
  • Hossam ElRafie on 02-06-2017

    I have had several interactions with them and i must say they are very good! One of these was a Gallbladder removal procedure and it went very smoothly and professionally. I would however recommend they up their fame in the Emergency area. The time it takes and the level of attention is not that of being admitted to the actual ward.