Dr. Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City

Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City

Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City 39 4.3

Tel: +971 4 435 9999

Web: www.mediclinic.ae/CityHospital/PageContent.aspx?pageid=131&groupid=1

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  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City
  • Pooja visited in May 2016 [men] [emergency] Everything was good, specially doctors are very good and caring. Charges
  • Asuni visited in Apr 2016 [children] [surgery] All the management The action man Mr Malek (I U C)the way always talk to visitors I work as a security guard in the hospital my duty p...[more]ost (I C U) The Doctors
  • Hidden visited in Apr 2016 [children] [checkup] Clean and hospitable staff Always fully booked...
  • Namra visited in Apr 2016 [women] [surgery] I had my c- section and before that all my follow ups there with gynae Doctor named Aziz u Nisa.I Had a great experience with her.Other staf...[more]f,nurses,receptionist and Doctors whom I met after surgery like pediatric everyone was just amazing.Nurses did great job in caring,giving medicines on time and everything which a patient need.room service,catering,cleaning every single thing I experienced there was 👍🏼. Pharmacy queue
  • Neetika visited in Apr 2016 [women] [checkup] The best thing is the efficient doctors and friendly nurses.Cleanliness is the key of the hospital. Long queue in Pharmacy and the parking area.
  • Mommy123 visited in Apr 2016 [men] [emergency] The Nurses Pediatrics/PICU Parking
  • Lana visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] I initially wrote a review in August 2015, things have changed ever since. The good things about the hospital: 1) Variety of doctors and sp...[more]ecialities 2) Cleanliness and modern equipment 3) Everything you need to get done is at the hospital (lab, CT scans, MRIs, surgeries...etc) 1) Doctors at the hospital tend to ask you to do multiple procedures and over-prescribe medicines for you when they know it's covered by ins...[more]urance. 2) The pharmacy is a mess: - Pharmacy will charge you for medicines approved by insurance - I have to argue with them to call my insurance every time to get this rectified. So always double check. - Unacceptable timing time - I waited for 50min on my last visit (average 20min), much longer than the actual time spent waiting for and with the doctor. 3) Parking is a disaster - estimate at least 15-20min to find one.
  • GOV visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Facility; friendliness of staff. It is a money making machine rather than a hospital. Sick, you cannot do anything unless you go and pay first. Patients are not the priority...[more]. For example, why the doctor and prescription department not inked at all? Need to tell my allergic description every time I go to the pharmacy. Where is all the record kept? Parking is awful as well. Need to wait very long. Administration, you can improve much. You may have a good doctors over here but they are hard to have appointment with. it takes 3 weeks to see the doctor and after 2~3 generic consultation sessions. Antibiotics prescribed too frequently; shall be prescribed after proper test. I have waited for 2 weeks the other day and the appoint got cancelled for being late by 5 minute. It shall be preventive care system; not treatment centred. Insurance companies don't allow to take a certain type of check up unless it is related to the specific symptoms. Maternity wards, nice facility; but process could be optimised. Rather than fragmented process. Why need to provide the insurance card every time you visit each department within the hospital on the same day? The other day, the insurance got expired and I could not continue the treatment on the planned interval; had to resume from the very first session.
  • FA visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Overall great facility Nothing
  • Ramy R visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Clean and overall good facility Costly especially for dentistry.
  • victorryan visited in Jan 2016 [children] [checkup] Overall service is good. None.
  • alianis visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Staff approachable and active. Listens to you.. Proper treatment. Appoint time should be exact... getting delayed although i arrived at the exact time.
  • 1ronald.g.g visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] cleanliness organised well waiting area.. confusing where to wait.. gastronology beside icu.. the path could be designed better.. a bit embarrassing to pass beside ser...[more]ious faces
  • Jane visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Staff do an excellent job following up with patients Nothing
  • garimaabani visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Prefessionalism of the doctor. Quality of facilities. Appointments; getting appointments after 2-3 weeks. Follow up not too good. For example, did not feel CT can was necessary. If appointment i...[more]s after 3 weeks.
  • Jessica visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Proximity to home. Overall good facility Blood test takes too long
  • rashidib30 visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Hospital doesn't look like a hospital: friendly, lively. Doesn't smell like a hospital. Pharmacy, takes long time. Parking big hassle. Need to give to valet sometimes to get the same place. Only valet is the only available optio...[more]n. Cannot find paid parking area as well.
  • Ahmed visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Organised Waiting for prescriptions at pharmacy. Queue time is too long.
  • mishu.violet visited in Jan 2016 [women] [checkup] Doctors nuurses are very concerned with patient. Personalised feeling. Proper coordination. Internal system is efficient with proper coordin...[more]ation. Pharmay need to improve. Takes too long. Over 30 Min.
  • zafar.hassan visited in Jan 2016 [children] [surgery] Staff. Nurshing staff are very cooperative. Billing area are efficient. Connected internally well so its efficient internally. Too long queue at the pharmacy.More than 30 Min
  • Stephen visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Overall a great hospital Nothing
  • HB visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Overall facility, and variety of departments Counters at pharmacy are limited, and the wait is too long
  • deyaaelsadek7 visited in Jan 2016 [children] [surgery] Very nice hospital. Service is good. Every place is good. None.
  • Menon visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Doctors are concerned, and keep you well-informed about your medical condition Nothing
  • DRM visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Keep improving.. coming here 3 years .. customer service/survey.. keep improving in terms of service Parking is chaotic. Parking is a big hassle. sometimes need to move to far away places. Finding parking itself could take 20-30 min.
  • Samer visited in Jan 2016 [men] [checkup] Professional in dealing with patients. Pharmacy wait
  • natalie k visited in Sep 2015 [women] [checkup] The Drs followed protocol and requested the right tests in a systematic way. The cost, probably one of the most expensive hospitals in the UAE
  • Wafa visited in Aug 2015 [men] [checkup] The friendliness of the staff The parking
  • Ali visited in Aug 2015 [men] [emergency] Quickness Wait time for prescriptions
  • alexandru teodorescu visited in Aug 2015 [men] [checkup] the doctor that assist me i had no problems
  • SF visited in Aug 2015 [women] [emergency] Service and doctor not anything that I can remember
  • louis khoury visited in Aug 2015 [men] [emergency] location lack of good doctors at the emergency
  • nada visited in Aug 2015 [children] [emergency] The furniture Pay before checkup
  • Aaron visited in Aug 2015 [men] [emergency] The in patient rooms were clean and nice and I felt comfortable there. Waiting for my prescription. It's always such a long process. You have to wait a minimum of twenty minutes. It needs to be sped up.
  • lanahelweh visited in Aug 2015 [women] [checkup] Excellent customer service. Lots of specialized doctors. Hospital is very clean. Well equipped. Wait time is also acceptable (unlike most ot...[more]her hospitals in UAE). It is slowly becoming more and more crowded, although very expected for a well-reputed hospital.
  • Green visited in Aug 2015 [men] [surgery] Nursing care Nothing
  • Alexandrasaade visited in Apr 2015 [women] [emergency] The cleanliness and condition of clinic Not trust worthy doctors
  • Salamadar visited in Apr 2015 [children] [emergency] Friendliness at reception, communication from ER nurses, Doctor was very attentive and understanding of patient's parents' concerns. Not applicable
  • Al.ElHayek visited in Mar 2015 [men] [surgery] Comfort, facilities, and spaciousness of room Unfriendly staff. Prescription provided after surgery was ineffective for pain. Over the counter Panadol was provided, rather than stronger ...[more]pain-killers for the first few days out of the hospital.

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  • usman saleem on 06-11-2017

    Worst customer Services, my child had an Emmergency and i went to medionic healthcare city hospital at 11:00 PM but they keep us waiting for 30 minutes, and my son was crying non stop with Ear Pain. We were scared if something has gone inside his Ear. And then when i called Their inchArge, no one came. I finally left the hospital with my Son who was in pain and crying and went to American Hospital, they take care of my son then. My wife has Delivery with Mediclinic Hospital which i will cancel now.
  • Syed Khan on 28-10-2017

    I visited several times, nice hospital, very good doctors, nurses, front office, Excellent facilities & services.
  • Sam Jose on 19-10-2017

    One of the best hospitals in Dubai, highly professional Doctors, nurses, i had a very good experience with this hospital, Highly recommended, very good patient care.
  • Khaled AlHouli on 19-06-2017

    To get the correct location of the hospital you shall type City Hospital without 'Mediclinc' Nice building! Has few of the best Doctors in Dubai. Well located with very close metro station. Very expressive service compare to other hospitals. ER isn't​ the best in Dubai, unorganised at some point. ER long waiting time. You really need to review the report and the bill just before leaving the hospital as mistakes are very common here. We have been charged twice for the same test! Parking is hell in this area.
  • Noora Abdulla on 22-07-2017

    I got approval for blood test on Wednesday but I haven't been informed about it although I called the hospital on Thursday and checked and the answer was you have to wait until you receive message from the hospital ..I called today .Saturday and the lady who answered the phone checked my file and said your approval was ready on Wednesday.. very bad services although the nurse who suppose to seek approval from insurance confirmed to me several times that she will contact me..doctor is good and services are bad