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  • Reviewed in 12 Sep 2015 Best about American Hospital, Dubai: ---

    Worst about American Hospital, Dubai: My Father was there to see Dr. Uwe Klima regarding a bypass surgery for his heart. After the Dr. explained to my father what needs to be done, we took the decision to go through with it and to proceed with the surgery. Before leaving, UWE KLIMA prescribed some medication for my father, who had already had previous heart surgery. The name of the medicine was ARCOXIA. Here is what the LEAFLET inside the pack of Arcoxia says: Do not take ARCOXIA: f you have high blood pressure that has not been controlled by treatment (check with your doctor or nurse if you are not sure whether your blood pressure is adequately controlled) if your doctor has diagnosed heart problems including heart failure (moderate or severe types), angina (chest pain) if you have had a heart attack, bypass surgery, peripheral arterial disease (poor circulation in legs or feet due to narrow or blocked arteries) if you have had any kind of stroke (including mini-stroke, transient ischaemic attack or TIA). Etoricoxib may slightly increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and this is why it should not be used in those who have already had heart problems or stroke. As you can see above, this medicine is NOT suitable for patients with a history of heart diseases. When i went to the hospital the next day and asked to see the Dr, he refused to see me. I spoke to his nurse who in turn told me to go file an official complaint against him at the government if i wished to do so. I then spoke to some lady who was part of the management team who had promised to handle the issue but as i had expected, nothing was done. The issue was dropped due to us being too busy with my fathers case to follow up with such an unprofessional institute. He eventually had his surgery in Lebanon and all went smoothly.
    - By 9
  • Reviewed in 28 Aug 2015 Best about American Hospital, Dubai: Facility

    Worst about American Hospital, Dubai: loooooooong wait times whether you are booking an appointment or even when you have one
    - By Kareem
  • Reviewed in 28 Aug 2015 Best about American Hospital, Dubai: Customer service

    Worst about American Hospital, Dubai: Cost
    - By Csellwood
  • Reviewed in 27 Aug 2015 Best about American Hospital, Dubai: Nothing. Had a horrible experience there.

    Worst about American Hospital, Dubai: Went there with my father for his heart check up. They had a Dr. Called Uwe Klima who prescribed a medicine that is not suitable for heart patients.
    - By Harkous
  • Reviewed in 27 Aug 2015 Best about American Hospital, Dubai: Nothing

    Worst about American Hospital, Dubai: Almost killed my wife
    - By Sure

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Profile for American Hospital, Dubai

The American Hospital Dubai is an acute care, general medical/surgical hospital whose mission is to provide high quality American standard healthcare that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of the people of Dubai, the UAE and the surrounding Gulf States. The American Hospital Dubai was therefore planned, designed, built and equipped to meet American standards of healthcare. We operate to these standards, every day, in everything we do.All of the physicians who are credentialed at the hospital are North American Board Certified or of equivalent Western training programs, such as those in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have ensured that we have the expertise to fulfill our patients’ medical requirements in comfortable and reassuring surroundings. The hospital was the first private institution in the Middle East to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which ensures our continued commitment to the highest quality American standard of healthcare in the region. In 2012 the hospital was reaccredited by the JCI for the fifth time. The hospital’s Medical Laboratory was also the first private laboratory in the Middle East to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and has been reaccredited five times subsequently. The hospital continues to expand its services in primary and secondary care, plus selective tertiary services, to include a range of specialist centers covering Total Joint Replacement, Neuroscience Center, Cancer Care Center, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Cochlear Implant, The Heart Center, Breast Care Clinic,Kidney Dialysis, Diabetes, and Sleep Lab. In 2004, the American Hospital Dubai was increased in size by a further 25 per cent, to meet the growing demand for more personalized services, comfort and convenience, broadening the healthcare services offered and deepening the level of expertise and care available. The new facilities included a Dialysis Unit with private rooms; lithotripsy service (treatment of kidney stones); a 10-bed Intensive Care Unit; a 10-bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Expanded Emergency Department staffed with American Board Certified physicians; a 13-bed child-friendly Pediatric Suite; and a 9-bed Endoscopy Suite offering same-day surgery. In May 2005 the new Heart Center was opened. The Center is operated by an all American trained and Board Certified physician team that has performed thousands of cardiac interventional and surgical procedures, including complex and high risk cases, utilizing skills in caring for complex and very critical patients both in the ICU and Outpatient situations. In September 2006, American Hospital Dubai welcomed the first patients to the new Outpatient Clinic Building at the medical campus. The new building created additional capacity for 144 new clinic examination rooms. The additional space also allowed the expansion of existing physician services in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Surgery, and Oncology. New physician services were introduced through units dedicated to Dermatology, Retina Surgery, and Head and Neck Surgery. In addition to the new facilities and services, the hospital continues its ongoing physician recruitment plan, which will extend the number of American Board Certified or equivalent practicing physicians at the hospital to over 100. Exciting new developments include the roll out of new and enhanced services in the new Bed Tower, as part of the medical campus expansion program that will add a further 240 beds, and the introduction of state of the art radiotherapy, with a dedicated Radio Oncology Clinic which uses advanced RapidArc technology.



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American Hospital, Dubai is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Doctors of American Hospital, Dubai

Dermatologists (2)

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) / Pulmonology Doctors (7)

Eye Doctors (Opthalmologists) (2)

Family Doctors / G.P. Doctors (15)

Gynecologists (OBGYN) (8)

Internists (Internal Medicine) (72)

Orthopedic Surgeons (6)

Other Doctors (13)

Pediatricians (9)

Physiotherapists / Chiropractors (1)

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgeons, Physicians (1)

Psychiatrists (1)

Surgeons (15)


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