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English, Arabic, German

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  • Reviewed in 06 Jan 2018 Undoubtedly the best..... extremely competent.... highly recommended... See translation
  • Reviewed in 04 Jan 2018 A extremely professional, caring doctor who loves her job and her patients. Someone you can depend on when your child is ill and her diagnosis is always spot on. We love her and I don’t know what we would do without her! See translation
  • Reviewed in 12 May 2015 She was a confident doctor giving some level of trust to patient and parents alike. She recommended a one day hopitalisation for my daughter suffering stomach infection (she was throwing up a couple of times) of which I am not absolutely sure if was necessary. Anyways she got better after 1 day in the hospital. See translation
  • Reviewed in 30 Aug 2017 She is an excellent, caring, amazing, wonderful doctor and my kids love her. See translation
  • Reviewed in 29 Aug 2017 Amazing doctor, worked from her heart, very patient, always she answers the phone , very lovely personality we do love her See translation

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Profile for Dr. Rain Osman

Dr. Rain Osman is a German Board Certified Pediatrician. She is a German Syrian Physician who received her Medical Degree in Debrecen, Hungary. She completed her Education as a Specialist in Child and Adolescent Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Her special field are in Neonatology and Gastroenterology in early and newborns development.

She has 13 years experience in well-known clinics in Germany and has Publications in

  • Gastroenterology (abdominal pain in children)
  • Immunoglobulin Therapy in children
  • Neonatal

From 2012-2016 she has worked as a Senior Specialist in Pediatrics at Saudi German Hospital.

Area of Expertise:

  • General Pediatrics (OPD)
  • Newborn and Premature Post Discharge with neonatology growth
  • Newborn screening
  • Neonatal care for babies of 28th weeks and above
  • Vaccinations/Immunization
  • Prevention and Detection of Development and Health Disorders
  • Follow-ups for Growth and Development
  • Neuro development and feeding advice

In addition to her medical life she enjoys cooking, is a great baker, as well as plays basketball and relaxes while doing yoga.  On the weekend she takes pleasure in taking care of her garden.

Dr. Rain is happy to communicate with you in three languages: English, Arabic and German.

Dr. Rain Osman's specialty is Pediatrics and currently works as a Consultant Pediatrician.

She speaks English, Arabic, German.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Rain Osman

Dr. Rain Osman is practicing at La Familia Medical Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


La Familia Medical Center

La Familia Medical Center is a multi-specialty Clinic founded by a group of well-known Physicians that wanted ... read more



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