Top 5 Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctors) in Dubai by reviews in 2017

02 January 2018


When we think about our eyes we are mostly concerned with the ability to see things clearly, and simply visiting an optician for an eye exam would be the end of it. However, things can get more complicated especially if you develop serious vision problems as you grow older, or a simply an unexpected eye disorder. So, if you're looking for more medically qualified expertise to address your vision problems, then seeking out an Ophthalmologist will provide you with more advanced eye solutions than your neighborhood optician. DrFive has analysed some of our patient reviews and compiled a list of the top Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctor) in Dubai with whom patients can confidently consult with.

1. Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem - Spanish Center, Dubai UAE. Dr. Salem is the first physician in Europe to obtain a PhD in LASIK from Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. He has also been conducting LASIK surgeries for the past 27 years, and successfully performed 14,000 surgeries. Everything concerning refractive eye surgery, and the latest in corrective laser eye surgeries, Dr. Salem is the man to see. Patients familiar with Dr. Salem praise his work: "one of the best doctors I know", "say bye to your thick glasses, and be a falcon", and "wouldn't trust anyone else in this world with my eyes".

2.  Dr. M. Farooq Ashraf - The Atlanta Vision Eye Clinic, Dubai UAE. Dr. Ashraf is a highly experienced LASIK surgeon with an astounding 40,000 LASIK procedures in the US and UAE combined. Dr. Ashraf was also a professor at the world-famous Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins University instructing other aspiring ophthalmologists. Patients of Dr. Ashraf confidently recommend him: "very clear and objective assessment", "impressive credentials and caring demenour", and "coolest doctor ever".

3. Dr. Vinod Gauba - Acacia Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Gauba has racked up several awards for his work in Ophthalmology, published numerous articles, committed to several international academies and societies, and continues to be a highly sought after as a LASIK surgeon in Dubai. Patients of Dr. Gauba highly praise him: "really professional and ethical doctor", "quick and pain free and was supported with extensive tests both before and after", "very reassuring and provided all the relevant information".

4. Dr. Safwan Al Bayati - New Vision Eye Center, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Al Bayati completed his LASIK training from Bausch & Lomb, Munich, Germany. He is also among the first from a group of ophthalmic surgeons in Dubai to introduce ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) in 2005. Dr. Al Bayati is among few ophthalmic surgeons in the world experts in front segment (anterior segment) of the eye and back of the eye (posterior segment), which means he is an expert in Cataract Extraction by the latest technology by Phaco with the use of premium lens (Multifocal lens, Toric Natural and IQ Lenses) and vitrectomy by latest technology. Patients refer to Dr. Al Bayati's expertise: "world class expertise from normal to complex cases", "best treatment", and "most skilled eye doctor".

5. Dr. Bhatia Prashant Govindram - Vista Health Care Clinic, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Govindram is a specialist in ophthalmology and has excellent experience with glaucoma, and other retinal cases. Dr. Govindram's patients confidently seek out his work: "brilliant and compassionate", "highly specialized", and "most caring, knowledgeable and professional eye specialist".

If you suddenly experience floaters in your vision, or find yourself with more serious eye complications then you can confidently refer to the above mentioned list as the go-to source for ophthalmologists in Dubai who could address your concerns. 

Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews that this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise.     



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