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  • Reviewed in 02 Jan 2018 Thank you Dr. Tamer Salem you are the best doctor
  • Reviewed in 11 Jun 2016 Spanish Center is leading with regards to Refractive Surgeries (Lasik, Intralasik, Femtolasik) and all Eye Care. Equipped with the latest Eye Laser Technology and Professional Specialist Ophthalmologist - Dr. Tamer Salem. As a patient, you will be satisfied not only for the cost of the treatment but as well as the friendly/ family atmosphere in their center. They do their work with passion and care. You are doing a great job, continue the good work and good luck to all your future endeavors in your business. - by Kristine Valdez
  • Reviewed in 19 Aug 2016 Absolutely superb experience with the doctors, staff and nurses all were very kind and helpful throughout my day .....all was absolutely top notch and well planned ... Dr.Tamer Salem is a very open hearted and kind man ... may god bless him and his Family - by ahmed mohamady
  • Reviewed in 28 Nov 2016 I did my lasik surgery there, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Dr. Tamer is a very polite and professional physician. Would recommend more than anyone. Thank you! - by Seif Tamer
  • Reviewed in 5 Jan 2017 Dr. Tamer is just amazing! Very supportive and friendly

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Profile for Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem

Dr. Tamer Salem is the first physician in Europe to obtain a PhD in LASIK from Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. After obtaining his clinical fellowship from Regensburg University, Germany and the institute of Ophthalmology Alicante, Spain, Dr. Tamer was practicing as a Consultant Ophthalmologist for 7 years at the San Juan University Hospital. He holds an academic appointment as an Assistant Ophthalmology Professor at Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. Dr. Tamer has been successfully performing Lasik surgeries since 1990 and maintains non matching position among LASIK doctors in Dubai. Currently, he has performed about 14,000 Lasik procedures. Advancing his efforts further to heighten awareness, Dr. Tamer offers free LASIK evaluations and will answer all your concerns and questions regarding surgery.


List of procedures:
• LASER refractive surgery: (PRK, Epi-Lasik, LASIK, Intralasik, Intralasik HD, Relex-SMILE, Limbal relaxing incisions)
• LASER therapeutic surgery (PTK)
• KTCN surgeries (Corneal collagen crosslinking, Intac ring insertion)
• Minor ophthalmic procedures (Pterygium excision, chalazion incision and drainage, subconjunctival and interpalpebral injections, etc.)
• ICL implantation
• YAG laser surgeries (Iridotomy and iridoplasty)
• Strabismus repair
• Keratoplasty


Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem's specialty is Opthalmology and currently works as a Physician.

She speaks English.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem

Dr. Tamer Fathi Amin Salem is practicing at Spanish Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Spanish Center

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