Top 9 Dentists in Dubai by reviews in 2017

29 December 2017


Another year of broken resolutions for our teeth, promising ourselves everything from brushing 3 times a day, flossing, and staying away from sugary drinks. Now that the damage has been done, and whether we liked it or not, we ended up at the dentist for ourselves or our children, and were faced with the daunting realization that we needed different dental treatments such as: root canals, teeth clean, tooth extraction or braces for your child, crowns, veneers and the list goes on. Dentistry or cosmetic dentistry can be a costly, and risky endeavor if you end up in the wrong dental chair. Therefore, to help save you some money and disappointment DrFive compiled a list of some of the best dentists in Dubai according to our patient reviews.

#1. Dr. Abdolreza Nassouti - German Dental & Neuromuscular Clinic, DMD (Peridontology) is a specialist in Periodontology, having graduated from the Medical University of Hannover in Germany Dr. Nassouti has been providing dental treatments to patients here in Dubai for the past 23 years! Dr. Nassouti is the man to see for all your gum diseases, and aesthetic treatments. He speaks German for all Deutsch residents in Dubai, and patient reviews describe Dr. Nassouti as: “absolute giant in the field”, “meticulous”, and “most friendly, competent, and experienced”.

#2 (Tie). Dr. Anupama Jaswal - NOA Dental Clinic is an Invisalign® certified practitioner with over 18 years of extensive clinical experience in Endodontics (root canal treatments) and cosmetic dental procedures (veneers and crowns). She is definitely the doctor to see to improve your smile, and confidence. Patient reviews describe Dr. Jaswal as: “knowledgeable and informative”, “highly recommend”, and “prices are reasonable”.

 #2 (Tie). Dr. Jocelyne Charest  - German Dental & Neuromuscular Clinic, hails from Canada and is the first certified Neuromuscular Dentist in Dubai. She helps people with TMJ (jaw) problems and all issues related to it. Dr. Charest creates tailor-made dental solutions for her patients and is considered a specialist in her field of work. If you need pain relief due to complications with your jaw, Dr. Charest is definitely the doctor to see. Patient reviews praise Dr. Jocelyne Charest: “best doctor ever”, “communicative”, “work ethics and professionalism second to none”.

#4. Dr. Indraniil Roy - Medstar Day Surgery Center is a distinguished, and masters in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery with over 6 years of experience in his field. He was also awarded the prestigious Fellowship of International congress of oral implantologists from USA which is given soley to accomplished Implant Surgeons. For the full scope of oral surgical procedures Dr. Indraniil Roy is the right dentist to see. Patient reviews for Dr. Indraniil Roy recommend him: “high professionalism”, “without an iota of pain”, and “very reassuring”.

#5 (Tie). Dr. Garima Khandelwal - Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Mirdif is an MDS in Pediatric Dentistry and is highly sought after for diagnosing dental problems and providing preventative dental care for both adults and children. Patient reviews for Dr. Garima Khandelwal praise her: “a child specialist, very kind friendly and professional”, “really good with kids”, and “treated my kid painlessly”.

#5 (Tie). Dr. Anila Virani - Dr. Joy Dental Clinic, Jumeirah completed her specialization in pediatric dentistry from Queen Mary, University of London, listed as one of the most prestigious institutions in the UK. Dr. Virani is trained in behavioral science, and understands child psyche to her help create a relaxed and safe environment for her patients. Notably, Dr. Anila is also experienced in treating medically and mentally challenged children. She has published numerous papers in well-reputed journals including the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. Patient reviews for Dr. Anila Virani commend her: “nothing less than fantastic”, “amazing with kids”, and “ensures that the child is very comfortable before commencing”.

#5 (Tie). Dr. Naeem Moideen - NOA Dental Clinic is a Specialist Orthodontist with over 12 years of clinical experience, Invisalign® and Inman aligner certified, and an active member in both American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), and British Orthodontic Society (BOS). Dr. Naeem is highly recommended for all types of braces, from the basic to the most advanced. Patient reviews for Naeem Moideen advocate him: “really happy with the results, “Extremely satisfied & highly recommended”, and “prices also are very affordable”.

#8. Dr. Krishnankrishna Pillai Vijayachandrannair - Smiles Dental Clinic is a Specialist Orthodontist and is highly sought after for his results with braces, and orthodontic treatment plans. Patient reviews for Dr. Krishnankrishna Pillai Vijayachandrannair describe him: “so kind and great”, “very pleased with service and timing of treatment”, and “easy 5 stars”.

#9. Dr. Rajula Sajan - Dental Care Clinic is a highly qualified general dentist holding a DDS. Patient reviews for Dr. Rajula Sajan commend her: “very knowledgeable and does everything to make sure the patient is comfortable”, “best dentist I've visited in Dubai after a long and tiring search!”, and “she explains procedures very clearly and helps patients draw the right conclusions”.

Our list of best dentists in Dubai continues with other well-reviewed dentists in Dubai, and we hope patients in Dubai will continue sharing their experiences about their dentists to help other people make the right choice about their dental treatment plan. Have a great 2018, and don’t forget to keep smiling!

Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not as an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise. 



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