Top 10 Pediatric Dentists in Dubai by reviews Jan 2018

04 February 2018


Parents, worried about taking your kids to the dentist? Well, you should be. Needles can be a very scary thought for adults, let alone for young children. Once you overcome the fear of needles, then comes the high-pitched whirring sounds of the drill hitting your tooth, or worst of all, pliers gripping and tugging at your tooth. A trip to the dentist for children can easily become a traumatizing imprint in their sub-conscience, forever impacting their future decisions to visit a dentist, and care for their teeth. However, when a child is seen by the right dentist the experience can be pleasant, informative, and a great opportunity for the child to establish a positive long-lasting relationship with their dentist. Children are very impressionable, and their experiences with a dentist early on in life is critical for them to understand oral and dental hygiene. A long-life of healthy and well-maintained teeth is very important not just for children, but for everyone in general.

So, keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of top 10 Pediatric Dentists in Dubai by patient reviews as of January 2018 who are more than capable of addressing your child’s dental hygiene, while providing a pleasant an experience as possible for them in the dental chair.


1. Dr. Namrata Mathrawala - Dr Joy Dental Clinic, Burjuman

Dr. Namratha is mentioned as "knowing very well how to deal with kids". She is also "very patient and accomodating for kids of all ages". An extra comfort to patients as she "gives a good advice on tooth and how the next procedures will take place".

Dr. Namrata completed her masters in Dental Surgery (M.D.S) in the field of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai. She is committed to providing treatment of the highest quality by using the latest technology, with special emphasis on preventive dentistry.

2. Dr. Anila Virani - Dr Joy Dental Clinic, Jumeirah

Dr. Anila is known to "ensure that the child is very comfortable before commencing the procedure". We could see small kids as young as 1 year and 8 months "not only enjoy and allow the treatment, but also look forward to the next appointment." Also impressive is the comment on her thorough explanation on the aftercare steps that "doesn’t need any reminders from parents".

Dr. Anila completed her specialization in pediatric dentistry from Queen Mary, University of London and trained in behavioral science to understand child psychology and uses this to her advantage, helping young patients with their phobias and creating a relaxed environment. She is also known as experienced in treating medically compromised and mentally challenged children.

3. Dr. Dina Samir Debaybo - Dr Dina Pediatric Dentistry Clinic, Jumeirah

With over 30 years' experience including service as president of Emirates Pediatric Dentistry Club, Dr. Dina is a pediatric dentist trusted by many parents in town. In addition to her professionalism, we could also see people praising her for "trustworthiness in terms of pricing". 

Dr. Dina acquired CAGS and MSc from Boston University, and Diplomate of American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

4. Dr. Garima Khandelwal - Dr Joy Dental Clinc, Mirdif

It seems "children instantly like Dr. Garima" as she is described to be "the friendliest and sweetest" of all dentists. Parents also like that she presents "honest treatment options". 

Dr. Garima has an MDS in Pediatric Dentistry from Nair Hospital, India. She is known to be highly skilled in diagnosing dental problems in adults and children and is able to manage even the most uncooperative patient with ease.

5. Dr. Imneet Madan - Dr Michael's Dental Clinic, Children's Dental Center, Jumeirah

Here is a description on Dr. Imneet Madan's professional aspect: "Dr. Imneet does a fantastic job in taking care of child's teeth with lots of attention to detail." If that wasn't enough, Dr. Imneet provides a personal approach to her service: "the personal touch of after-care phone calls ensures we won’t be going any place else."

Dr. Imneet graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University, India and advanced with a pediatric dental specialty training from the same university. She earned her Master’s in Lasers Dentistry from RWTH, Aachen, Germany in 2013 and completed an Advanced Lasers Course from the European University College in Dubai in 2015.

6. Dr. Chantal Kengo - Dr Michael's Dental Clinic, Children's Dental Center, Jumeirah

We may not need more comments on Dr. Chantal than the following: "I wish my dentist from my childhood was this amazing." She is described to be "fun and friendly while remaining perfectly professional", who "takes time to know children."

Dr. Chantal Kengo has over 30 years of combined international training and experience in both public and private practices in Belgium, Congo, Canada, France, the UK and the UAE.

7. Dr. Sajjad Hasim Mithiborwala - Prime Medical Center, Jumeirah

Dr. Sajjad Mithiborwala is known to be an author of 3 research textbooks, and 15 articles and scientific papers with expertise in dental treatment of uncooperative children or children with special needs. 

His calm and friendly approach is mentioned, and provides comfort to both kids and parents. Reviewing parents also praised Dr. Sajjad's enthusiasm in explaining treatment details and children's teeth growth & problems.

8. Dr. Eldhose Padinjatt Paul - Total Dental Care, Al Nahda

On their way back home from an emergency dental treatment, a parent's review stated that their son "could not stop talking that his doctor (Dr. Eldhose Paul) is very nice that he did not hurt him." "His competitive price" and "detailed explanations on treatments" provides extra credit to Dr Paul's expertise.

After a 5 year course of general dentistry, Dr. Eldhose has undergone a 3 year specialty training in primary and specialty oral care for infants and children through adolescence, including those with special health needs.

 9. Dr. Rafif Tayara - Dr Michael's Dental Clinic, Umm Suqeim

We came across multiple reviews from parents expressing their children's affection to Dr. Rafif: "My young daughter considers Dr. Rafif as one of her best friends. :)", "My two children love Dr. Lafif!"

Dr. Rafif is known to value being a good communicator with children and parents. As an expert in managing patients with behavioural problems and social needs, she enjoys the challenge of rechannelling a child’s fear of the dentist into trust and long-term friendship.

10. Dr. Yasmin Elsayed Attia Kottait - MyPedia Clinic, DHCC

Patients describe Dr. Yasmin as being "nice and patient with kids," whose advanced treatment technique inflicts minimal pain to kids. She is also known to provide detailed information during dental procedure as well as recovery time.

Dr. Yasmin has an MSc degree in Pediatric Dentistry and her Higher Diploma is in Pedodontics, Dental Public Health, and Community from Cairo University, Egypt. She was also awarded a Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dentistry (MFDS) from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK.


Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews that this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise.



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