Top 7 ENT Doctors in Dubai by Search Volume

06 February 2018


In an effort to simplify, we will refer to conditions of the ear, nose, and throat as ENT, and we will refer to ENT specialists and not Otolaryngologists in this article, as the latter is sometimes difficult to pronounce and remember for many people. An ENT specialist is the right doctor to see for conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. For the ear, you may be experiencing ringing in your ear, infections, pain and other disorders. You may also face issues in your breathing, smelling which are problems affecting your nasal cavity, and sinuses. Conditions of the throat affect your speech, eating, and singing. In addition, ENT specialists are also trained to manage conditions of the head and neck that affect ear, nose and throat such as tumors, traumas, deformities and diseases.

If you start experiencing dizziness, balance problems, hearing impairment, and other pains or disorders with your ears, nose, throat, head, and neck, then you can refer to the below list of 7 most searched ENT specialists in Dubai who are qualified to address them:


1. Dr. Prashanth Matti Prabhu - Aster Clinic, Abu Hail

Dr. Prashanth Prabhu is endoscopic ENT surgeon with 10 years’ experience post-Master’s Degree in ENT. He speaks southern Indian languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu and Konkani, in addition to English and Hindi. One reviewer was praising Dr. Prabhu for his exact diagnosis.

2. Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ishwarlal Ramani - Aster Clinic, AJMC, Bur Dubai

As a specialist ENT surgeon, Dr. Mukesh received his MBBS, MS (ENT) and DNB from India. He is known to have expertise in functional endoscopic sinus surgery, pediatric tonsillo-adenoidectomy and microscopic ear surgery. He has also (co)authored multiple articles on various areas of ENT for both internatioanl and national publications.

3. Dr. Khalid Iqbal - Aster Clinic, Discovery Gardens

Dr. Khalid Iqbal is an MBBS and MS in ENT from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College of AMU, one of the most prestigious universities in India. He has special interests in microscopic ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery and nasal allergy. In addition to English, Hindi and Urdu, he is a fluent Arabic speaker.

4. Dr. Levente Deak - Al Zahra Hospital, Al Barsha

Dr. Levente has been an ENT consultant for more than the past 10 years. He completed his ENT fellowship programs in the US and Pediatric Otolaryngology at Heim Pal Childrens' Hospital in Budapest. As a member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Levente is also known to be one of the very few ENT Surgeons capable of restoring a nose's symmetry and functionality.

5. Dr. Mulham Abdul Fattah Yassin - Dr. Mulham Polyclinic, Al Hudaiba

Dr. Mulham Yassin is a German-educated ENT doctor with over 10 years' experience as an ENT consultant. He is known to "deal with the root cause" of the problem. One thing to note about Dr. Yassin:  he has been particularly praised by reviewers for helping them understand which foods causes allergies.


6. Dr. Mohamed El Shinnawi - NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai

Dr. Shinnawi is a consultant ENT surgeon with over 18 years of professional experience. He has special interest in endoscopic sinus surgery, microscopic middle ear surgery and vestibuology. He completed his masters and MD in Egypt, and became a fellow of the European Board in Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and an active member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery.

7. Dr. Ayham Fallouh  - Dubai London Clinic & Specialty Hospital, Umm Suqeim

An experienced ENT surgeon, Dr. Ayham fallouh performed over 2,000 rhinoplasty operations and 1,000 operations on tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in children. One reviewer described him as being "extremely reassuring, open and honest about the whole procedure".

Note: This article is not sponsored in any form by any of the above mentioned doctors or facilities. It is written based purely on customer reviews collected by the DrFive editorial team, which is publicly available on the internet. DrFive is not the originator of reviews that this article is based, thus not to be held responsible for the opinions mentioned above. Readers are recommended to regard the above mentioned list as a reference point, and not an authoritative judgement on medical practitioners' expertise.



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