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  • Reviewed in 18 May 2017 Dr Tunio and his team are true professionals. I did FUE hair transplantation with excellent result. Their clinic and operating room and equipment are state of the art. The staff is courteous and always willing to help and accommodate you as much as they can. I highly recommend Tunio Aesthetics for hair transplantation. - by Mohiyuudin Ali
  • Reviewed in 10 Jul 2017 My hair lining start thinning few years back and it make me uncomfortable, although I was not sure of getting a hair transplant since I had heard all kinds of stories about transplants going bad and people ending up with scarring. But after I mate Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio and his team they explained everything clearly and I decided to do the hair transplant and currently am waiting for the result. Even though it took me a while to decide, I recommend them to all who needs quality work! Thankyou Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio and your team for taking a good care of me. - by mike ben
  • Reviewed in 6 Jun 2017 Team is professional and explain in detail on the process and the care that need to be taken post transplantation. It is all a good experience, procedure well executed and team who done the procedure made sure that time just flies, thanks to Dr. Tunio and his team. Post procedure proper instructions have been given. Thanks again to this wonderful team to regain my hair back. I suggest those who want to take up the hair transplantation procedure to approach Dr. Tunio before taking the call- by Vali Shaik
  • Reviewed in 3 Aug 2017 visited a lot of places in dubai for my hair transplant, then finally did the procedure with Dr. Zulfiqar Tunio at his center in dubai health care city.....I highly recommend him, he really is the best, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, honest and rest of his team is very friendly, helpful and professional....- by mukesh mugi
  • Reviewed in 5 Mar 2017 I had a great experience with DR. Tunio and his team. They were extremely courteous from the get-go, and answered all my questions by putting me in touch with Dr. Tunio. The procedure itself, went off well. The Dr kept me informed of whatever was taking place and so did his team of technicians. I was well looked after post procedure as well. The entire team was very polite and helpful to my family as well, answering their concerns. All in all - a great experience. - by Sahil Zazad

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Dr. Zulfiqar H. Tunio, FRCS, is one of the topmost surgeons, specialized in cosmetic, plastic and hair restorative surgery including Fue Hair Transplant. He has been performing hair transplant surgeries for more then a decade. He has carried out more then 16,000 successful hair transplants with the success rate.

Dr. Tunio Zulfiqar's specialty is Plastic Surgery - Hair Transplant and currently works as a Plastic Surgeon.

He speaks English, Urdu.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Tunio Zulfiqar

Dr. Tunio Zulfiqar is practicing at Tunio Aesthetics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Tunio Aesthetics

Tunio Aesthetics is the leading Hair Transplant Centre in the Middle East. It was established in January ... read more



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