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MD, MSc, FRCS (Tr & Orth), CCT (UK) / Consultant Spinal & Orthopaedic Surgeon Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (UK), British Board in Orthopaedic


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Consultant Spinal & Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeons | Orthopedic Surgery

English, Arabic

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  • Reviewed in 1 Nov 2016 Thank you dr rami for curing my rotator cuff tear. - mostafa bakri
  • Reviewed in 10 Nov 2016 Thank you Dr. Rami for fixing my shoulder labrum tear after months of suffering in other hospitals, Best wishes for continus success. - by Mohammad Hussein
  • Reviewed in 4 Nov 2016 I have done major spinal surgery on June 1st 2016 and after 1 month I am moving normally الحمدلله and no more pain. I highly appricaite the excellent medical service of Dr Ramy Hamed together with his accommodating and helpful medical staff . I can vouch that Dr Ramy Hamed is GOD gifted surgeon. I highly recommend Dr Ramy Hamed. - by Shahzad Adnan
  • Reviewed in 11 Nov 2016 Thanks a million to Dr Rami Hamed, he operated surgery on my mother ( Balqees, (28/07/2016), a truly gentlemen and a knowledgeable Doctor, may Allah (SWT) grant you success in what you do, and make it easy for u! Definitely recommended to all those patients those are going through spine and bone problems! Once again Thank You Dr Rami! Regards Suhail Sagheer
  • Reviewed in 2 Nov 2016 The best medical center with all type professional doctors! Specially Dr.Rami Hamed - amazing, just royal orthopedist, all type of orthopedic surgery doctor. I can recommend only Dr.Rami Hamed medical center. - by Наталия Шадура

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Profile for Dr. Rami Hamed

About Dr. Rami Hamed:

Dr Rami Hamed, is an orthopedic and spinal surgeon in Dubai, working in Dubai Health Care City, with a broad experience in general orthopedics and special interest in sport injuries and spinal surgery and sport for more than 20 years.

Dr Hamed qualified from Aleppo Medical school in 1993. Since then he has done orthopedic training in Aleppo University followed by UK training, qualification and practice in centers of excellence in Orthopedic, Trauma and spinal surgery in UK for a period of more than 11 years.

Dr Hamed obtained his Master's degree in Trauma & Orthopedics (MSc) from Royal NationalOrthopedic Hospital (University College of London UCL). He became a fellow of Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh FRCS in 1999 and qualified from the British Intercollegiate Specialty Board in Trauma & Orthopedic FRCS(Tr&Orth) and the British board in Orthopedics CCT(UK). 

Scope of services:

Dr Rami Hamed perform complex sport injury and spinal surgery and joint replacement on regular basis. He is expert is knee and shoulder arthroscopy dealing with most of encountered sport injuries including instability and ACL ligament reconstruction. Dr Hamed perform all spinal surgery cases on regular basis with huge track record of successful cases.

  • Spinal Surgery
  • shoulder arthroscopy surgery
  • Sport Injuries
  • Trauma Surgery
  • General Orthopaedic
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Spinal tumors & metastasis — spinal fracture
  • Minimally invasive spinal procedures (verterbroplasty/ Kyphoplasty for osteoporosis fractures &metastasis
  • Advanced navigation assisted surgery
  • Knee Surgery & Replacement
  • Joint Arthroscopy
  • Scoliosis surgery
  • lumbar Disc prolapse
  • Cervical Disc prolapse
  • Adult & childhood deformities/ scoliosis — kyphosis
  • Radiology guided frequency ablation (RAF) of spinal primary tumors & metastasis
  • Minimally access spinal surgery (Spinal Microdisectomy, Decompression and Fusion)

Dr. Rami Hamed's specialty is Orthopedic Surgery and currently works as a Consultant Spinal & Orthopedic Surgeon.

He speaks English, Arabic.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Rami Hamed

Dr. Rami Hamed is practicing at Dr. Rami Hamed Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Dr. Rami Hamed Center

Dr. Rami Hamed Center (DRHC) is a multispecialty day case hospital excelling in providing the best of ... read more



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