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English, Arabic

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  • Reviewed in 2 Jan 2018 I would like to thank Dr Lama Toufik for the successful Lazer surgery for me Leen Al Khateb from 2 months ago. I am very happy after getting rid of my glasses and im seeing 2020 now.Thanks doctor Lama for your professional hard work and your lovely taking care of your patient. Medcare eye center is the best - by Leen Alrefai See translation
  • Reviewed in 30 Dec 2017 Dr. Lama from eye centre is the most unprofessional Dr I ever met She performed a PRK vision correction for me but I got to know that from another Dr from different clinic as i was told that she is doing a SuperLasik for me with all its benefits painless procedure and fast recovery. She promised that I will have slight discomfort and perfect vision after 7 or maximum 10 days instead I had 2 days extreme pain so I couldnt even open my eyes and my husband had to take unpaid off from work for 3 days to take care of our newborn baby and my vision is still blurred even after 13 days and not even close to perfect. This made me worry and I went to check my eyes in another clinic where I was shocked when I got to know that I had PRK instead of SuperLasik which Dr Lama was suppose to make and instead of 10 days my vision will recover in 1 or 3 months After that I went back to her to complain and she denied everything and gave me a wrong report to cover her unpfofessionalism We made an official complaint to the management but didnt get any reply from their side yet. So if you dont want to be ****** like me do not choose Dr Lama from this hospital there are more honest doctors in this clinic as Dr Tareq for example. - by Veronika Novikova See translation
  • Reviewed in 3 Jan 2018 Not recommended doctor at all. When it comes to vision Dr. Lama is not recommended. The place is nice and has some other qualified ophthalmologists. - by Tarek Mohamed See translation

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Profile for Dr. Lama Toufiq Sharbek


    • M.B.B.S degree in Medicine (Damascus University) Master degree in ophthalmology and its surgery from ministry of health (Syria)

Professional Associations:

    • Membership of Syrian associations of ophthalmology.

Professional Experience:

  • Supervision and Consultation of patients in Medcare Hospital and Al Rozi Hospital in home (Syria).
  • Medical retina including fundus fluorescein angiography and OCT and argon laser photocoagulation.

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Diagnosis & Management of all vision problems and eye diseases for adults and children
  • Diagnosis & Management of cataract including cataract extraction, pre and post-operative care of cataract patients
  • All refractive surgeries including ( Lazik ,epi-lazik ,cross-linking for keratoconus) 
  • Surgical treatment of recurrent pterygium
  • Oculo-plastic surgeries (Entropion – Ectropion – Chalazion - Eyelid Cyst and Blepharoplasty)
  • Diagnosis & Management of Glaucoma
  • Grading & Management of diabetic retinopathy patients including Pan retinal, photocoagulation (PRP) and injections
  • Probing procedure for congenital nasolacrimal duct occlusion under general anesthesia 
  • Management all Refractive errors and pediatric refrective errors including amblyopia

Dr. Lama Toufiq Sharbek's specialty is Opthalmology and currently works as a Specialist ophthalmologist.

She speaks English, Arabic.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Lama Toufiq Sharbek

Dr. Lama Toufiq Sharbek is practicing at Medcare Hospital, Dubai, Medcare Eye Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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