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MD (Obstetrics), ESGO (Prague)


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Specialist Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Gynecologists (OBGYN) | Gynecology (OBGYN)

English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian,

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  • Reviewed in 07 Jan 2018 She is a very good doctor. Im glad i found her in my 2nd trimester. I felt super safe during my operation. She explains and guides you very well. Even after the delivery she took care of me. Really like her. God bless her. Outstanding Doctor See translation
  • Reviewed in 04 Jan 2018 She is very good in her field and explains everything she does. She is the only gynaecologist I would see in Dubai See translation
  • Reviewed in 21 Nov 2017 The only reason I got my surgery done is Doctor Ivana See translation
  • Reviewed in 31 Oct 2017 Dr Ivana is the only reason I would step foot in that mess of a hospital. - by Fleur Bleue See translation
  • Reviewed in 7 Oct 2017 Dr Ivana is amazing and it's probably the only reason I'm staying with this hospital. - by Alicja Gralewska See translation

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Profile for Dr. Ivana Cmiljic

Professional Associations

  • Serbian Medical Association
  • Serbian Oncology Medical Association
  • European Society of Gynecology Oncology
  • Emirates Medical Association

Professional Experience

  • Dr. Nicolas & Asp 2011-2013
  • Institute of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Clinical Centre, Serbia, Belgrade, 2000

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered

  • Ultrasound examination
  • PApanicolau test
  • Vaginal and cevical swab
  • STD check ups
  • Gynecological bi-,anual examination
  • Ultrasound examination using vaginal and/or abdominal probe
  • Ovulation monitoring/folliculometry
  • Colposcopic examination- Colposcopy
  • Gynecology endocrinology testing/treatment, pre/menopausal treatment, PCOSy
  • Antiaging treatment- intimate area rejuvenation, labia correction
  • PRENATAL monitoring and care
  • Double/Triple test
  • Obstetrical ultrasound of pregnant women
  • Cardiotography (CTG)
  • Cerclage
  • Breast Care
  • Post-surgical procedure - care and dressing of surgical lesion
  • Conception Planning
  • Insertion and Extraction of spiral, removal pf sutures
  • Exploratory curettage
  • Biopsy of cervics utri
  • D&C procedures and ERPOC
  • Conistaion
  • LOOP procedures , valavar/vaginal lumps treatments
  • Removal of genital warts
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy(biopsy of Endometrium........)
  • Vaginal normal and insrumental deliveries
  • C-sections
  • Open/Laparoscopic gynecological surgery

Dr. Ivana Cmiljic's specialty is Gynecology (OBGYN) and currently works as a Specialist Obstetrician & Gynecologist.

She speaks English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, .


Practicing Locations of Dr. Ivana Cmiljic

Dr. Ivana Cmiljic is practicing at Medcare Hospital, Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Medcare Hospital, Dubai

Medcare Hospital is Dubai's new 64 bed premium private general medical facility located in Jumeriah adjacent to ... read more



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