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  • Reviewed in 7 Sep 2017 Big C as started is not an easy journey for me. As I have witness a family member having a Big C and fail to survive. But with the help of Dr. Rajeev and his Team I faced the battle with confidence and full of courage to survive. At the very beginning I am very hesitant to be treated but with the encouragement and assurance of Dr. Rajeev and the Hospital facility i pushed through with my treatment. And after 6 months of treatment I can say that I have an easy journey. Dr. Rajeev and Saudi German Hospital Staff were amazing we are not treated as patient but as a family. by juvy jorque See translation
  • Reviewed in 5 Sep 2017 My journey with Saudi German has been the most memorable and amazing. Although the scare of entering the hospital, thinking that there is no tomorrow. But the ambiance, the staff from entry point, the registration desk, the nurses, the lab..simply amazing feeling. Friendliness comes with a tag and that tag is "we know what you want and we are here to help". The most important highlight is that Cancer is not a death sentence. It is just jump starting your cells to be more better after chemo. Dr. Rajiv is the most experienced in various cancers. He has been my God sent angel and directed me on how to handle the Big 'C' with diets and my living style... Thank you Saudi German for the most amazing journey of my life. I will visit the team, but as a friend. God bless and staff healthy always. Believe in your self knowing that from thousands you have been touched by an angel. by Pamela Pereira See translation

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Profile for Dr. Rajeev Kaushal

Dr. Rajeev Kaushal is a UK & European Board certified Radiation Oncologist with over two decades of Radiation Oncology experience working across UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Asia, and Australasia. Dr. Kaushal’s Radiation Oncology practice is based at GICC ( Gulf International Cancer Centre) Abu Dhabi.

This center is equipped with state of the art Radiation facilities like IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, HDR brachytherapy. GICC also has PET-CT facility for early cancer diagnosis, staging along with the ability to fuse PET-CT image to Radiation treatment planning for delivering more accurate Radiation to tumour area. Besides treating all solid tumors like Lung, Colorectal, brain, head & Neck, Gynecological cancers, Dr. Kaushal has a particular sub specialist interest in managing Breast and Prostate cancer and has treated thousands of patients with Prostate & Breast cancer with a particular interest in IMRT & IGRT.

Numerous medical studies have shown that particular dietary interventions may prevent, slow or even reverse chronic disease especially cancer. We at SGH also recommend tailor made diet schedules for our Oncology patients.

Dr Kaushal is passionate about quality care and patient role in decision making.

Area of Interest
Comprehensive and holistic treatment for Oncology patients through Multi-Disciplinary Team ( MDT) of Onco-Surgeons, Medical and Radiation Oncologist, Radiologists, Pathologists and trained Oncology Nurses.
Breast Cancer:

  • Early detection through Screening
  • Diagnosis and treatment with Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, and Targeted therapy.

Urological Malignancies:

Prostate Cancer:

  • Advice for screening for early detection.
  • Treatment with Hormonal manipulation, Chemotherapy, and Targeted therapy.
  • Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Bladder Cancer and Renal / Kidney cancer:

  • Diagnosis and Systemic treatment.
  • Advice for Radiation treatment.

Thoracic Malignancies/ Lung Cancer:

  • Advice for screening for early detection.
  • Treatment with chemotherapy and targeted therapy.
  • Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Colorectal Cancer:

  • Screening for early detection.
  • Treatment with Chemotherapy and Targeted therapy.
  • Consultation for Radiation therapy.

Cervical and Uterus Cancer:

  • Screening for early detection through Pap Smear.
  • Treatment with Chemotherapy.
  • Consultation for Radiation treatment.

Oncological Emergencies:

  • Treatment of Chemotherapy and Radiation related Neutropenic sepsis, Spinal Cord Compression, Sup Vena Cava obstruction etc.

Palliative care:

  • Palliative chemotherapy and symptom control for improved quality of life in advanced cancer patients.


European & UK Board certified Medical & Radiation Oncologist, Specialist Registration GMC UK.
Fellow Palliative Medicine Australia.

Dr. Rajeev Kaushal's specialty is Oncology and currently works as a Medical Oncologist.

He speaks English, Urdu, Hindi.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Rajeev Kaushal

Dr. Rajeev Kaushal is practicing at Saudi German Hospital, Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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