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Specialist - Family Medicine, Family Doctors / G.P. Doctors | General Practice

English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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  • Graduation in Medicine - Instituto de Cincia Biomdicas Abel Salazar, Universidade do Porto - Portugal 2008
  • Specialist in Family Medicine - Portuguese Medical Association 2014
  • Post Graduation in Travel Medicine - New University of Lisbon ,Portugal 2010

Professional Associations:

  • Portuguese Medical Association
  • Portuguese Association of Family Medicine
  • Galician Association of Community and Family Medicine (Spain)

Professional Experience:

  • 2009 - Internship at Coimbra Hospital and University Centre
  • 2010 to 2014 - S. Julio - Family Healthcarre Unit - Oeiras, Lisbon - Portugal
  • 2011 to 2014- Hospital S. Francisco Xavier Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, EPE - Portugal
  • 2014 - Oeiras - Family Healthcare Unit - Oeiras, Lisbon Portugal

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Interpersonal skills, ability to put patients at ease and inspire their trust.
  • Highly developed communication skills which enable empathetic listening.
  • Genuine concern for all patients and time to explain their condition and treatment options.
  • Preventive care, including routine Health checks, Health risk assessment, Immunization, Routine Cervical and Breast cancer screening
  • Diabetes Diagnosis, Management and ongoing Monitoring
  • High Blood Pressure management
  • Infections including Respiratory, ENT, Urinary tract, Gynecological, Gastrointestinal and skin
  • Management of Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease
  • Management of Chronic Head aches including Migraine
  • Diagnosis and Management of Tiredness
  • Management of Asthma, Eczema and Allergic rhinitis
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Check ups and Management
  • Travel advice and vaccination,
  • Common Gynecological problems and Contraception advise
  • Well Child Check ups
  • Depression counseling and management
  • Personalized counseling on maintaining healthy lifestyles.
  • Cholesterol/weight management
  • Quit Smoking Programme

Dr. Liliana Amaral's specialty is General Practice and currently works as a Specialist - Family Medicine.

She speaks English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Liliana Amaral

Dr. Liliana Amaral is practicing at Medcare Medical Centre, Marina in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Medcare Medical Centre, Marina

Medcare’s latest medical center, the Medcare Marina Clinic caters to the healthcare needs of this dynamic new ... read more



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