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  • Reviewed in 28 Nov 2017 المركز الاول في العالم لمعالجه بدون جراحه بالأخص دكتور هشام حكيم من أفضل و أمهر الأطباء (Translated) The number one center in the world for treatment without surgery, and specifically Dr. Hisham Hakim, the best and most impressive among all doctors. - by Abdul Aziz Alkaabi See translation
  • Reviewed in 22 Dec 2017 منذ قدومي الى المركز تلقيت ترحيب كبير من الموظفين حتى انشرح صدري للمركز و عند مقابلتي للدكتور هشام كانت معاملته قمت في الانسانية حيث كنت في حالهسيءه و لكن الان الحمدلله أصبحت بصحته أفضل نفسيا و جسديا و اشهد بكفاءة المعالجات الفيزياءيات و الدكتور و أتمنى ان تحذو بقية المراكز حذوهم (Translated) - When I visited this center, I was received with a big hearty welcome, and after meeting Dr. Hisham he treated my condition in the most humane manner possible, and now alhamdullilah my health has improved both mentally and physically, and I personally witnessed the efficiency of the physiotherapy sessions and doctors, and wish the rest of the centers follow suit. - by Elam Ismaeel Mohammad See translation
  • Reviewed in 22 Nov 2017 "This is a fantastic hospital. From reception to treatment. I've recently had a physiotherapy and I was treated so well. The nurses, doctor Hisham Hakim *****physiotherapist Hadil and Dr.Ramzina everyone else that played a part in looking after me , I thank you all very much. The professional manner is second to none. Thank you all once again. Would highly recommend this hospital to anyone to go to this excellent hospital." Five solid stars From me - by Aida Henchiri See translation
  • Reviewed in 8 Jan 2018 I am so glad to visit American Spine Center, after 6months of treatment and follow Dr. Hisham instructions.. I feel so healthy and happy. - by A Reega See translation

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Profile for Dr. Hisham Hakim

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Specialized in Neurology with special expertise in non-surgical treatment for back pain.

Dr. Hakim obtained his medical degree from Aleppo University, Faculty of Medicine in Syria and finished his neurology training from University of South Alabama, USA. He also spent two years pursuing a fellowship in neuromuscular diseases from University of Madison in Wisconsin, USA. He obtained another academic degree in Master of Public Health at University of Illinois in Chicago. In 1990, he obtained his Board Certified in Neurology.

Dr. Hakim has established Greystone Neurology center in Birmingham since 1991. He is one of the founders of Greystone Neuroscience Center which is the largest neuroscience center privately owned in State of Alabama. He is the founder of American Spine Center in USA and he is the Chairman of American Spine Center internationally. Dr. Hakim has vast experience in neurology for 25 years with special expertise in comprehensive non-surgical treatment for back pain.

Dr. Hakim has multiple international organizations and he is one of the members of the task force in USA to lower disability from back pain by 10% by year 2025. Dr. Hakim spoke in multiple international conferences on his expertise in this field and provided educational and training program to health care providers in USA.

Dr. Hakim’s vision is the inspiration behind the success of American Spine Center Internationally.

Dr. Hisham Hakim 's specialty is Neurology and currently works as a Neurologist.

He speaks English, Arabic.


Practicing Locations of Dr. Hisham Hakim

Dr. Hisham Hakim is practicing at American Spine Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


American Spine Center

American Spine Center is specialized in the NON-SURGICAL treatment of Spine and Joint pain by utilizing innovative ... read more



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